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    Monday, November 27, 2006

    Out of town for awhile..........

    I have to meet up with the lovely wife today and help her finish this up. I just want to say thank you to all who have and may still post some kind words this event. It means alot, and thank you so much.

    We probably wont be able to post for week or so, but we will catch up with you all soon....:)

    Saturday, November 25, 2006

    Leaves fall off of trees...............

    Where to start? My wifes father has passed, and he passed well. While doing what he loved, his heart gave out, but not before he took 2 deer.

    The 1st, he field dressed, the 2nd.....well, he passed doing during his favorite passtime. There is comfort in that.

    To be fair, this man loved his daughters. While he and I never really made friends, I can't honestly say I ever gave him reason to. When I 1st met the lovely wife, she was a young teen......and we both knew I wanted in her pants, and he regarded me as such. In hindsite, I'm not sure I won't be that guy very very soon......:)

    Harry loved his daughters, and tried to keep them safe. Respect to him as we celebrate his good....acknowledge his bad, and remember him well......:)

    Friday, November 24, 2006

    The Airport..............Da Count

    It's been a long drive........there is anticipation. My phone rings..........hello??? Are you here yet?

    I'm about 20 minutes frome you lass, I'll be the guy biege trench coat, blue hat.

    The tension mounts...the anticipation........and then there she is, at the airport waiting for me with her daughter and sister...

    Big hug........Hi and welcome baby sis.....:)

    *EDIT* Well, thats what I anticpated anywho. My luck with airports and actually getting to one "on-time" is regarded as iffy at best. Much to my delight, the relative traffic today in Chicago today was such that I could drive the speed limit or faster almost the entire trip. I was actually parked, and walking to luggage return when I got that phone call, and it was 20 minutes early...go

    The sisters had just deboarded and I would be at the conveyor belt before them, time to buy a pack of gum so I didn't reek of road coffee and cigs. Couple of hugs, a chance to meet my baby niece, idle chat, and we were off.

    I hadn't really intended to make this a "Da Count" but today I am. Today I'm going to remember family alive is as important as family passed. Today, I'm going to remember that no matter how rarely you see them, some family are still great to see. Today I'm going to be thankful for historically good traffic..........

    HNT missed....again

    I'm not posting an hnt............not because I gave it up.

    Tonight I'm remembering my wifes dad.....who passed today. A shot of Jack Daniels, coke chaser.....

    In fairness, the man and I never really liked eachother...but the man loved his daughters!!

    Respect.......honest respect.

    Wednesday, November 22, 2006

    On being full of shit...and called on it...

    Special uncles..........who know who they are. To one in particular, you made a promise and kept only half. Don't come whining to me anymore, people dont take you serious.

    nuff said

    Tuesday, November 21, 2006

    TMI Tuesday and a small break......

    Sorry for being MIA for a few days, but stuff to do, and monday I just really needed a damn break. I did wrap up the project, except for the new accounting machine. It did kinda break my heart abit, but decomissiond the 486. I know I know, I'm a lil to attatched this, but sentimental man. Anywho, this machine done in a couple days, and it's all happy...

    Now off to TMI.....

    1. Have you ever bought an adult magazine? If so which one?
    Absolutely, but almost never since the internet came to my house..:) Lets not bullshit ourselves here...I wasn't all that interested in the articles!! :)

    2. Did OJ Simpson really do it?
    I'm on the fence this one, I think he at the very least knows who did. I can kinda be a lil off center my thinking, but not certain his son did'nt do it. Remove that variable though........oh yeah!!!! he did it!! :)

    3. Is Clay Aiken gay?
    Who cares? I mean really...who the hell cares? Short of that, all I can say is the man and I have never it is and will remain a mystery. Clay Aiken is a pretty "Gay" name however...:)

    4. Are you racist? If so who do you hate?
    I think everybody is a racist to some degree. Recognizing that before you blow a cork while performing on stage is kinda important. In fairness, I had this really good friend who said it best while he was serving in Korea during the 80's. When asked by his DI if he was a racist, he replied "SIR NO SIR! I HATE EVERYBODY EQUALLY SIR!"..:)

    5. Ever videotaped yourself having sex?
    Not that I'm aware of or remember.....this does not mean it didn't happen...:)

    Bonus (as in optional): On a scale from 1-10, how kinky are you? Give me an example! =P
    I believe I have a proper balance of kink with out being labled a this time...:)

    Happy TMI goofs and friends!!

    Friday, November 17, 2006

    Da count.....promises kept...

    So I'm sitting here tonight feeling pretty good about some little things...and some big things. It may sound silly that I even reflect this way, but over the last month, managed to pull some promises out of may ass and make good.

    My mom needed help this month, I drove up and made good.

    I've been promising a buddy a copy of an obscure I made good.

    Promised my dad I'd have stuff ready this weekend, to wrap up a project.......I made good.

    Hell, I even remembered to take out the trash last night before pick up service drove by.

    Knocking on's to hoping this keeps going well........:)

    Happy Da count friends and goofs!!

    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    Grumpy was...

    What do ya get when computers test Zigs will....well you get a grumpy Zig. I don't know what it is, but seems like Emachines are dropping dead en mass like the 5 year cicada march!!

    My shop in particular has lost 3 workstations over the last few months...and know of atleast 2 friends who have seen the magic smoke go out of theres as well. Magic smoke sucks btw.....once you let the genie out of the bottle...fucker never goes back in.

    So tonight atleast a lil redemption. After cobbling and trading and other crap, I finally got the last named workstation booting for a project that is a week past due. I figured out I had to both sweet talk her...and talk dirty to her. It Worked!! :)

    She booted up pretty and said...I can run fast....but not real fast, but I can run steady....Naughty gal she is.....:)

    So with working machine in hand...I call the customer...we are all good, we can complete the project!! I must admit I was enthusiastic......I was informed a new wrinkle. Sadly...the accountants machine is in it's death throws, this will add to the project a small bit.

    This is awkward, but sentimental on this it's my 1st commercial build that is dying. A 486DX@-66 16 meg of ram..........she's lived a long long time.....but damn will I be sad decomissiong her.......but she did have a one hell of a run.....:)

    Take care goofs and friends!! :)

    Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    TMI Tuesday....and other fun stuff.

    Tomorrow is an extremely important day in the state of MI. What is it you may ask....well I'll tell. Like many other states, tomorrow is the opening day of regular firearm season.......AKA DEER CAMP! Tomorrow, thousands of happy hunters will abandon thier wives, and happily march off into the woods to claim the ultimate trophy..A fine buck with a rack that never ends, and some tastey venison. It's almost religous to be honest....being in tune with nature, and the associated haze of last nights beer.

    Goofs aside, don't get me wrong, I used to love to hunt. I still love the woods, and enjoy the taste of game, but lets do some math here.

    1)Round trip to deer camp, gas and food......$100.00

    2)Deer tag to keep it legal......$15.00

    3)Beer for deer camp........$100.00

    4)Ammunition.....both for deer and beer cans/target practice.....$30.00

    5) the event you actually get a deer......$170.00

    O.K. now thats like $370.00.....carry the 1.....add the 15.....forget about adding any poker losses and add another $40.00 if your a smoker....thats..well...lets just call it $450.00, add to that the possibility, you got the deer by hitting it with your car instead of shooting it. lets consider the average size of a michigan deer field dresses out around 100 pounds.......thats $4.50 a pound, processed with bone in....but ya did get to shoot it. Hrrm.......happy Deer Season friends!! :)

    Right, now off to TMI......:)

    1. Without looking it up, do you know what polyamorous means?
    Yes I do...but if you truly love yourself, and have multiple personalities..does that count?

    2. Now that you have looked it up, do you believe polyamory is possible?
    I believe it's possible, but also believe in practice it's far more likely to implode than flourish. Personally, I know I have a certain level of jealousy that would make this very difficult.

    3. Do you regret any past sexual partner, sexual liaison or missed opportunity for one?
    Zig grabs the microphone and breaks into song.....Regrets..there are a la la alala la...Did I mention everybody regrets it when I attempt kareoke?

    4. Have you had sex with a virgin after you lost your viginity?
    Nope, not for lack of interest...reread 3. There isa certain satisfaction of being somebody's 2nd however...:)

    5. What is your favorite sexual position? If different, which one do you enjoy the most? [edit: You don't know the name? Do you want to? NWS animations and name]
    It really depends on the moment, but reverse cowboy has it's moments...:)

    Bonus (as in optional): Where did you most public "sexual" act take place and what was it? attorney has advised me I may never discuss this again

    Happy TMI!!!!!!!

    Monday, November 13, 2006

    Slow news day........repetetive news day.......

    So it's about a week after the mid term election here in the states, and the radio and tv news is all the same. Frankly, I'm getting a lil sick of hearing it at this point. Don't get me wrong, I'm not appathetic, just sick of hearing the same shit again and again.

    For the 1st time in my life since I became interested in politics, I'm finding myself following the "Chicago Bears" with more enthusiasm.....GO BEARS!!!!! :)The political landscape is even starting to make baseball look interesting. Did I just say that???? My gawd.....I did.....this is how bad things have gotten....grrr

    So anywho, I thought a movie review was in order, I needed one that would give me a here we go then..:) Rather exciting isn't it?? I can feel the suspense.

    Pushing tin is a lil offbeat and not the usual stuff you'd typically find reviewed here. The IMDB has this here on the movie.

    Released in 1999, it's a quasi comedy looking at the inside world of "air traffic controllers" (the people whose job it is to keep planes from bumping into one another). Sounds exciting as hell huh????

    Before you completly write this movie off, I have a few observations that make this one worth watching. And it is worth watching.

    1) This flick does give you to some degree, an inside look at an obscure job most of us never think about.

    2) It has Billy Bob Thornton as a main character.

    3) John Cusac gets his smarmy ass kicked in a variety of ways.

    4) You get to see Angelina Jolies tits......nuff said.

    There's some plot and story line stuff in there too. So if your bored, and you find this in the 3 for a dollar it, it's worth that kinda money.....:)

    Take care friends and goofs....:)

    Saturday, November 11, 2006

    Veterans Day........Remember them......

    In the US, today is Veterans Day. While many of us take our freedoms for granted, many of us take this day to remember those living and dead, that served our country to help garuntee our freedoms. You can learn the history of this day HERE.

    Today, I will remember my grandfathers. One who served in the Air Force during the European campaign of WW2, the other who served in the Navy in the Asian campaign of WW2.

    Today, I will remember my lovely wifes grandfather, who we are lucky to still have with us. He served in the Army during the Korean war.

    Today, I will remember my friend who used to work at our shop, whose unit got activated this feb....

    Today, regardless of your politics, I hope you too, will take a moment to remember our veterans, and thier families, with respect.

    "Let every nation know...whether it wishes us well or ill...
    that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship,
    support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and
    the success of LIBERTY"
    ~John F. Kennedy~
    January 20, 1961

    Friday, November 10, 2006

    Friday night thought.....

    See this image to the side.....? I'm digging one out just to fuck with the kids..:)

    Wana have fun with younger friends and kids........make them use a rotary phone..............:)

    Da Count.....Friends you don't expect a call from.....

    So I'm sitting quite comfy, looking up important porn and crap, when the land line rings....

    Usually, and especially if you're a long time reader, you may know this is an awkward moment for me. Unarmed with a working caller ID display at the moment...I must make a difficult decision. It's the evening after all...I know all too well how this can go....

    After carefully juggling the options, I pick up on the 3rd ring, and am pleasantly surprized by a trademark "HOOOLLLAAA!!!!!!!!!!!". I respond the only way appropriate....."WAZZZZZUPPPPIIIEE!!!!!!" :)

    Half hour later, two guys pushing 40 hang up, and I'm reminded I do have more friends this life than I care to admit at times.

    I'm thankful I have friends, both online and offline. I'm thankful, that sometimes they make the effort to call me. I'm thankful this call was not one of my uncles so piss drunk as to be speaking a different language...........:)

    Happy Friday goofs and friends!!!

    Thursday, November 09, 2006

    Holiday HNT.......

    So it's a family GTG, and the drinks are flowing as usual......What better way to cap off the night than watch your cousin enjoy eating "gummy dicks"?? :)

    Happy HNT goofs and friends!!!

    Tuesday, November 07, 2006

    TMI Tusday.....Election day fun....

    So I did my civic dutie and cast my ballot today. The line was long before work, so I had to sneak over to the ballot box during lunch. I dunno, but as I get older, I find myself less tolerant of people who bitch and gripe about politicians, but never bothered themselves to vote. Grrrrrrrr.........

    Anywho.....on to TMI!! :)

    Today is Election Day in the USA

    1. Would you vote to legalize marijuana? If not marijuana, what drug would you like to see legalized and why?
    Actually, I would, both for medical and recreational use. While I'm not a user of the product anymore, the benifits of legalization far outwiegh the risks. Legalization would clean up most of the black market trade, generate tax income, and produce a reliable product. I find it hard to justify in a country where tobbaco and booze are legal, cannabis is not.....just my view..

    2. Would you vote to legalize prostitution?
    Again, I would. Mostly for the same reasons listed above. In addition to regulations providing a safer environment for all parties concerned usually, the social stigma argument is a moral joke. I find it hard to justify in a country where 2 consenting adults can have sex for free is legal, and criminal if one or the other, is outwardly paid directly for the act.

    3. Ever fantasize about a teacher in grade school/high school/college? If not a teacher, was there someone else? Classmate? Secretary? Janitor? Ever act on your fantasy?
    Absolutely! There were a few teachers I had the hots for, but there was this one particular. She was a substitute, and it was the tail end of my Senior year at high school. She was a cute blonde, kinda spunky, fresh out of college, about 22-23, I was 18. One day after class, I struck up a conversation with her and it got pretty friendly, lil too friendly to be honest, and I was about to ask her out as my friend walked in and busted us. I still wonder

    4. Do you feel everyone has a soulmate?
    Hard question as I'm not convinced everyone has a soul. I'm happy enough just to know I've found mine...:)

    5. Do you have a foot obsession? Ever given or received a footjob?
    While I can acknowledge some lasses have fine looking feet, I can't say this one really gets me going. I mean each thier own.....but look at all the lovely bits those feet are attatched too!! :)

    Bonus (as in optional): Do you have a favorite sex toy? Tell us what and why and provide a link for those out there that need or want an upgrade :)
    Myself personally, nope. I can appreciate toy play, but the real thing is so much more interesting. Perhaps if the lovely wife and I find that special "friend", we'll name her "sex toy"

    Happy TMI goofs and friends...:)

    Monday, November 06, 2006

    Which Tarot card are you?? :)

    I borrowed this from Spitfire :)

    You are The Wheel of Fortune

    Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of
    intoxication with success

    The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change.

    What Tarot Card are You?
    Take the Test to Find Out.

    Sunday, November 05, 2006

    Another weekend survived...........:)

    So it's sunday night and I finally get to sit comfy and reflect back on the weekend. I don't know about you guys, but things just get crazier as I get older. Admittedly, some of it is selfinflicted, but damn!! :)

    Friday was a bust....but I kinda knew that by 5PM, but I had high hopes for saturday. Saturday is kinda my friend ya know??? I rely on saturday...supposed to be my buddy damnit!! Well saturday was not in the mood to play friendly. I spent most of the morning calling computer shops for the last piece of hardware needed to complete a project that apparently nobody had. Granted, I already have this piece ordered, and could have picked it up friday, but again......"friday was a bust"..and my contact that shop doesn't "do" saturdays......grrrrr

    At one point, I called up an old friend I hadn't seen in a few months, because I just "knew" the old dead computer he offered me a couple months back.......had the mystery part.........this was....well.....a terrible idea.

    "Ring ring" Hello?

    Me..Hey man, how are ya? I don't quiet know how to say this polite, but pulling my hair out here, and kinda stuck. Any chance you still got dead machine, got a build I need to get done, and my vendor is awol.

    Him..Oh man, you wanted that??.....sorry but went to goodwill with all the other stuff.

    Me..Bummer, but thats ok, shoulda picked up sooner. Lil late in the year spring cleaning though isn't it?

    Him..(Long pause) Well yeah, but dad passed in late august.......we were getting rid of lots of stuff..............

    Shiiit!!!!! so we spent the next hour yakking and catching up and me expressing my condolences...Then we moved on the politics and fantasy football. We are guys, we can deflect shit like that..:)

    Accepting defeat, I spent the rest of the day procurring firewood, and planning for sunday. Yeah sunday I said to myself......sunday.....

    Well, I can honestly say that so far I have survived sunday...:) Actually, 8 hour road trip aside, it was a good day spent. Man child and I spent most of the ride up goofing. We harrased my mom, got her caught up on school pictures and stuff, enjoyed a beer, and declined the offer to bring a cat home. Later we picked up the princess, bullshitted with my inlaws, and hit the road.

    So now I'm reflecting and notice the Lovely wife and I have been featured on Alex&Suze...Well weekend indeed....:) Now to finish laundry, and find some food..:)

    Happy weekend goofs and friends!!!!

    Saturday, November 04, 2006

    Da Count.........Family.......a lil late..:)

    So I'm feeling a lil down, busy week, very busy much to juggle, here and at work, and other houses too. It's my turn to take the girl child to meet with her dad for the weekend, always an awkward trip.

    Man child had decided to stay at the house rather than ride along. Secretly I wish we could trade places but ehhh, I signed on for whining.....:)

    I'm about 10 minutes from the house when my cell rings, man child has been yakking with my mom for about an hour, and had a really really good talk. He asks if I can stop at the gas station and get him a snack, and says grandma would like a call back.......

    Cheddar cheese popcorn and a bag of M&M's in hand........I start my evening, yak with my mom, get a call from bored it's past midnight...I missed the post on

    I am lucky I have family I can talk too, both sides mine, and wifes side too. I am lucky I can bitch about what I have to do.....instead of what I can't afford to do.., I am lucky my daughter has a relationship with her father and my son is sleeping in my comfy chair infront of a comfy fire...watching tv with me..:)

    Take care goofs and friends.:)

    Thursday, November 02, 2006 secret lover.......

    It's embarssing actually, but I have a secret. It's been going on for years now, and I think the lovley wife suspects it.

    You see, often when she is at work, and the kids are asleep, I have a friend that visits. It's awkward because it's my wifes friend too, but we dont care...we were almost caught awkward!!!

    A few times, we've even been so bold as to "intimate" while the wife was sleeping right next to us. It's time to get this show the world..let the chips fall where they may......

    Meet my friend....

    Happy HNT goofs and friends!!!!!!

    Edit...special thanks to Sassy One for naming her "Pamela Handerson"....:)

    Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    Lil caught up,....politics and shit..........

    save for going on a rant, I really do have one thing to say. Come next tuesday, if you are a US citizen, get off your ass....and vote. Vote your heart!!! Vote an informed heart!!!

    If you take the time to come to a decision, I may not agree, but can atleast respect how ya got there, bitch after and you never did that much........phhhpt, sorry, you just lost cool points...:)