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    Thursday, May 11, 2006

    My first HNT here's the deal. So my Lovely wife and her mom want to go out of town and catch a stage show.
    I of course did not want any part of this nonsense....did what any man would do, offered to defend the house and gourd it from villians and thugs....guy shit......ok..I planned on drinking beer and watching porn....

    Ma..the "mother in law" is a wonderful person, I love her dearly, and truly a great spirit. So anywho, Ma decided...well if Zig isn't going.....Father in law can stay with him and they can play together.....

    Now to be fair, I love my father in law to death. We enjoy eachothers company, have a hoot sipping beer and talking about anything, but an arranged weekend long playdate....well creeped the shit out of both of us. We're guys, he's got his stuff to mine, both with wives out of the was awkward as hell.

    So anywho, we basically caved to the wives, mostly to his wife, and spent the weekend getting well imbibed, telling stories, setting things on was indeed a pleasant weekend....:) Then the ladies made it home. We had a roaring fire in the fireplace, father in law and I pretty lit, gals wanted to have a few with us, we had by all....:)

    At some point, Ma went upstrairs and procurred a matress fom my sons bed....drug it downstairs, and set it up infront of the fire. After passing out, me being bored....sharpie marker in hand............I present you this HNT!! :)

    I'm so scared to go to camp this year...............................lolololololol

    Friday, May 05, 2006

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

    Ok...........this may surprise some of you goofs, but I think celebrating Cinco de Mayo is a good thing......if it's important to you.

    With all the rhetoric surrounding "illeagle" imigrants, and the hispanic twist painfully pointed out of late, I think this holiday is getting a bad rapp this year.

    Zig for one fully appreciates any holiday, that inspires heritage pride, and an excuse to drink a lil more than usual over the course of a weekend well spent. Drinking aside, remembering your heritage, is important.

    While to me, this is not an important holiday.....the Zig household celebrates St. Patty's day with blatent disregard...:). Aside from drinking..we remember how hard our ancestors came here to become Americans. We remember just how hard the ancestors worked, and not get caught in the old world, and hence not winding up Australians.......:) ...but that was many many years ago...I digress

    Happy Cinco de Mayo to all who celebrate it, and my Irish blessing to my celebrating friends....

    May your hangover be short lived..
    May your breakfast stay down..
    May you remember atleast most of last night..
    And may your confession sunday not make your priest not gasp.............:)

    Monday, May 01, 2006

    A day without Immigrants........My Ass!!!!!!!!! it's on the news and in my face and hot topic still.Rather than rehash my stand on "illeagle immigrants" and get all pissed off and rant, I've instead to pose a few musing on the subject.......credits noted to where I heard them if they are not mine...

    RE the protest march in Chicago.......If it's a day "without immigrants", why can I see you blocking my traffic and on TV? Zig

    RE a radio call in today the protests........I rather enjoy this protest, I can actually drive in cali today with fewer uninsured drivers and alot less traffic. But if they are going to make it a real boycott, do it all the way. Please boycott our emergency rooms, please boycott our social services, please boycott the spanish speaking schools our government built for your kids. Anonymous call Rush Limbaugh Show.

    RE a radio statement..........OK, I get it, and the problem is real, something needs to be done. But...if your one of those guys yelling to the camera.....they're stealing our jobs!!!!!! What job line are you standing in that an illeagle that can't speak english beat you out of work? What was the last job line you acually stood in looking for work? Roe Con show WLS Radio

    RE a radio call in todays me out here. The main argument is that they do work Americans won't or can't, yet they are demanding citizenship. If they get it and are then Americans, doesn't that just mean we'll have allow more "illeagles" in to do the jobs they won't do anymore? Anonymous caller Rush Limbaugh Show.

    Make no mistake, I have not given up my soapbox, nor my opinion this issue. I do however think the spin is way away from the real issue. Secure the border, respect all who come here legal and want to earn citizenship, and hold employers accountable who break the rules.

    Hope this post gave you all a chuckle....and something to think about..