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    Friday, December 11, 2015

    And another candle blown out...........

         Back in what I tend to refer to as my previous life, I used to have a job with a large customer base and some favorites that really became good friends over the years. One of those friends was a goofass who went by the nickname Krockett and to be honest was pretty much batshit kind of people.

         He'd come to our service counter and harass the girls (I was working for a small branch of a larger industrial supply company), bullshit with the guys....share new leads and drink half a pot of my coffee while buying maybe $3.00-$4.00 worth of o-rings......and unless I had a bigger problem to deal with, I honestly welcomed his visits.

         I remember one time I was on the phone, so a co-worker took care of his pick-up order......she came back and threw the receipt and the check he used to pay for it on my desk....and literally said..."he's your deal with this shit!" When I looked at the receipt everything seemed in order.....then I saw that he had signed his check "David Dribbledick"....yet again...He asked me try to cash it just to see what the bank would do, I did and ironically they cashed it.......lolol

         He was a huge animal rights advocate, was big into supporting local rescue groups.......loved his two dogs as much if not more than his wife. He was just one hell of a nice guy and I am damn lucky to have know him....

         Krockett (David Krieger) was gunned down this morning in the parking lot of his family business. A man outside was kicking a dog that liked to hang out there..Krockett went out to stop him...the man pulled out a gun, shot him twice in the chest and ran away.......only to be caught a few hours later in a house less than a 1000 yards away from where the shooting took place..

    I'm drinking a beer right now in his name, I invite any of you to do the same. This is not what I had planned on posting today....but it's a post about a good person.....

    Comments on "And another candle blown out..........."


    Blogger Bizarro Aunt Jackie said ... (10:04 PM) : 

    After I have read this post several times over the last few days, I really never knew what to say. I've lost some folks to things I've never mentioned not just parents, but I truly am sorry about this...

    If you truly knew me, you would know I'm late for everything. My Dad used to say I'd be late for my own funeral and would mess up a one car funeral.

    How's that for an apology... also, are we honestly fighting? Or can we still be friends as always. You know I didn't mean to mess up.

    I'm a mess.


    Blogger ZigZagMan said ... (9:55 AM) : 

    We're not fighting and we are still friends.....I'm a mess too and wrestling some demons my self.......Love ya always lass....never doubt that....:)


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