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    Saturday, June 28, 2008

    Saturday......yay i think....

    I was going to...actually did take several stabs at finishing last fridays post. I kept ending dark and I didn't want it to, so I'm leaving it be for now. It is what it is...and thats good enough.

    Some of you have asked questions and offered hugs, for the hugs...I thank you all, for the questions...I think it's time now to make some things clear.

    While it's true, my wife and I have chosen to divorce...there is no bad person in this. I really don't know how we got here, don't think she does either......but this is where we are. There is no smoking gun,,,,,,,,,no illicit affair, no abuse, no drama that level......all we have here is two people who believed they loved, all their heart,,,and couldn't keep it together.

    For those that would cuss either of us, back off. I'm human and hurt...if I choose to cuss her about our right, but not yours. She is human and hurt, if she chooses to cuss me, her right...not yours. We may well be parting ways, but I will always love her. I need no gossip....I need no rumours..we are way past that, and it's still my wife you are talking about.

    And I'll still feel that way.....even when I take off the ring.

    Friday, June 20, 2008

    Friday musings

    a young fresh wine....if she's willing drink her dry..

    an older lass.....more like brandy...drink her slow and enjoy the dandy.....

    a spirited lass....soul afire...........hold her close and take it higher................

    damn...I need to work on that

    Sunday, June 15, 2008

    New band discovery.......

    A friend of mine turned me onto this indie band and I'd like to give them some support.

    The video he he puts it...rather sucks, but damn good music..:) Please check them out and leave them a comment!

    Take care goofs and friends..:)

    *Editors note...My friend Storm would like to add..

    The Meg Williams Band from Hull, England play quirky folk rock with a very individual sound, for more information please go to

    For more up to date information and more songs check out

    Thursday, June 05, 2008

    and life moves on........

    Broken dreams...........but conclusion..

    Broken hearts...........but closure..

    A meet and a talk, most details sorted..

    An honest statement from me to you, that I love you and want you to be happy..even without me.

    Life moves on...the nightmare is least we can move on friendly...maybe even as friends.

    I wish you love, luck and safety.