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    Friday, February 29, 2008

    It has been brought to my attention...

    That I've been a bit pensive and to politically oriented of late....

    For this reason, I give you something most of us can enjoy.....:)

    I dug through my archives and present you with Sidney Moon

    I am ZigZagMan, and approve of this message..:)

    Shameful entertainment.....

    OK........I admit it. While I have to admit there is nobody in our presidential campaign I really like, this has been fun to watch play out.

    The Dem side in particular. I admit to being a guy that slows down and rubber necks when driving past a car/train/plane wreck as well...and this has all the attributes I swear. It's a guilty pleasure admittedly......but I do have one bitch.

    Stick to the goddamn rules!!!

    There are some halfassed or better rumours that Texas may be contested by either side of the dems, because of their complicated system. I find this odd as it's a long standing system both Dems had no problem going in. You want to bitch about Bush "stealing" two elections...don't emulate what you said he did. There is a long standing rule...Don't mess with TEXAS!.

    Michigan and Florida......sorry Dems, you already said they are out for holding primaries too soon. No soup for you, the delegates are out.

    My lovely wife and I had a talk last year and she was livid. She remembers going to a primary here in Michigan, and being denied a vote slip. At that time, you actually had to be declared a Demipublican or a vote in the primary. She thought that was unfair. To me this makes perfect sense, and no disrespect to the independent voter.....but lets put this in perspective.

    Repubicrats and Demopublicans are both a private club. Their choice for who they want to run for president should be amongst that damn club. The weird quirk in politics that voters in the opposite party can skunk that one is bullshit. It's like wallmart CEO's voting who they want to run Meijers even though they are not share holders. Or more like letting your crazy uncle deciding who should run your house even though he doesn't live there.

    Now when it comes to the general vote........everybody vote their heart. One person one vote.....but if your going to stir a bucket in the primaries, declare yourself part of that clubs bucket party.

    If you agreed to the rules going by the rules.....if you don't like the rules, bitch before it's a tight race. Thats all I'm saying.

    For the record....and just my opinion...Obama sucks, Hillary sucks, McCain sucks, Huckabee sucks.

    I am ZigZagMan...and I approve of this message..:)

    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    I was haveing trouble today...

    To get my daughter to eat. Seems even in the Zig house, food is taken for granted.

    I talked her into eating some fruit, but then she was going to waste more than half of it. I stopped myself as I was using my "DADDY" voice......just before I said, "Ya know..that shit doesn't just grow on trees!!"

    Yeah....that would have been bad...and hard to explain...:)

    Saturday, February 23, 2008 does take a village...

    To raise a child. Sometimes...and rarely...

    Granted, this is if the village is responsible, and can enforce rules.

    This can only happen if the state and the federal government stay the fuck out of the villages way.

    I find it interesting that ADD spiked dramatically when we stopped spanking our children........I for one remember a paddle in homeroom class as well.....;)

    I was going to make this an anti Hillary post, but ehhh.....chuckling about her whining is silly. I mean really....."How dare you say something mostly true about me?" is a pretty lame argument......

    Next thing we know.....Obama may be black or something......

    Take care goofs and friends..:)

    Thursday, February 21, 2008

    For Dad..:)

    It' inside joke. Don't even try to figure it out.

    Edit...A big Zig thank you and perhaps a shiney nickle to anybody who can email me the mpeg or avi file for the above video :)

    Friday, February 15, 2008

    Dear K-Mart.........

    While I agree I should have read the small print....your sign clearly said "CLEARANCE" $5.00. The small print that said..."and up" was just kind of a hook and poorly done. Also, placing many items on that rack, not just one..or a few, but MANY...for $ just assholery.

    Face it goofs, you don't sell bathrobes on your premium rack for $29.95, you're fucking K-Mart. I'm supposed to feel like I got a bargain finding this on the $5.00 clearance rack????

    Actually I would have....if you had only tried to charge me $5.00 dollars, as the sign implied instead of $29.95.......I digress.... maybe assholery isn't a real word....but it should be, and you get the point. In fact, as of today, if it wasn't a real word, it is now. It is now synonymous with K-Mart!

    Frederick Meijer cries for you........and he probably thinks your an asshole...:)

    Thursday, February 07, 2008

    DNC wants Michigan to hold new caucus

    Bullshit!!! Fucking damn bullshit!!! You can read the whole story HERE. Michigan, in no small part with the help of Carl Levin, decided to hold it's primary early, against DNC rules. The penalty for this if you're not aware, is that Michigan was stripped of it's Democrat delegates. They went ahead knowing this, the DNC stripped their delegates, now the DNC wants a "mulligan"....a "do over". This is not kindergarten damnit.

    I can see where the DNC is a pinch here. On one hand, Clinton and Obama are essentially in a dead heat. Clinton has "won" both Michigan and Florida. Both states were stripped of their delegates for holding early primaries.

    If the DNC recinds it's position...they hand Clinton a bunch of delegates where proper campaigning was not held...and the Obama team will rightfully cry foul. If they hold fast, Michigan and Florida, both delegate rich states, will not have a say in swinging a tight race. No matter how you slice it, bad blood. Bad blood Michigan and Florida chose......tough shit. What does the DNC propose? Lets have a caucus....essentially a revote. For the record, I don't think Clinton is all that keen on a revote either, if against Obama when he actually campaigns..:)

    While I won't go into the details of the difference between a caucus vs. a primary, I'd like to point one GLARING detail. Primaries are paid for by the state out of state TAX DOLLARS. Is the DNC prepared to reimburse our fair state for the tax dollars our citizens were charged? Will the DNC then pay out of pocket for the caucus and reimburse our fair state for the extra security and cost of dealing with a new wave of campaigning?

    I'll be back.......right now I have to go mutter and piss on something......grrrrrrrrrrrr

    Overdue movie review......

    Being the maveric I am, I often wait for a movie to come out on DVD. I mean yes, the lure of the theater is strong....but I have to be really really motivated to see a movie if I'm going to sit in the boogers and phlegm of previous strangers. Oddly, this never seems to disturb me about strip clubs. Do you know what does disturb me about strip clubs? Buffets!!! I find it deeply disturbing drinking $7.00 beer while eating free hotwings getting a lap dance. It's a strange image......I digress......

    So anywho....The Simpsons movie, yes where to begin..

    For starters, I'm really glad my son got this for christmas...from somebody else, it takes some of the sting out. I love the intro where Homer mocks the audience for paying to see a movie that they can get for free on TV. That actually was classic funny.:)

    I dunno goofs and friends, being a Simpsons fan....I kind of expected more. Yes, the disturbing relationship between Homer and the pig was interesting. Yes, the big boobied indian spirit guide was an unexpected twist. It just left me empty......empty and used. Can any of you tell what the hell happened to the pig??

    I wouldn't say skip it all together, but I'd suggest The Family Guy movie over this. Lets face it...Lois is way hotter than Marge any day of the week!! :)

    Monday, February 04, 2008

    Observations from the car show..... this was kind of a big deal. Early last week, my 13y/o son won 4 tickets to the Grand Rapids auto show and asked if we could go. This is clearly guy stuff, just oozing testosterone, ape grunting, loud farting guys stuff. I of course could not turn this down. While we camp and stuff all the time, this is the first time..He..has invited do guy stuff. This was a bonding moment damnit!!

    Observation 1) While DeVos Place is a fine venue, this show is no Detroit or Chicago auto show. True, it was packed with 2008 model cars, and a magic show, and a couple local media booths...not one bikini clad lass or concept car to be found. This my the petting zoo of the auto show world.

    Observation 2) When in the hell did budwieser start making aluminum bottles? I think it's a cool idea, but wtf..did I miss a memo? Did cans get too boring?

    Observation 3) Who decided all SUV's must interbreed with minivans? Who took the "utility" out of SUV? This keeps me up at night now.

    Observation 4) Why do people tell me a vehicle is "4 wheel drive"....when it's clearly marked "all wheel drive"? It's more than a pet peeve, there is a difference...a big difference.

    Observation 5) Two words......"More Swag."

    I'm thinking I'm dragging man child to Chicago next weekend.....The big zoo will be in town then...:)

    Take care goofs and friends!!

    Friday, February 01, 2008

    Random conversations...

    Me........You there??

    Buddy....yeah...I'm here..thanks for calling man. I'm checking into a 90 day lock down.

    Me....Wow! you doing this to dry out free will, or court ordered?

    Buddy.....Fuck you! Doing it for me....I just gotta get straightend out.

    Me......Ok...So long is it's for you, you know I'm here for ya!

    Buddy....No...I applied..and they went through my records and they listed every suicide attempt I made in the last five you know how many?

    Me...Ya know, we've had this talk before. No idea......4-5?

    Buddy.....More like 8! Do you know what that means you???

    Me...Ummmn....That you suck at suicide?

    Buddy....your an asshole!!!

    Me....Yeah, probably shouldn't apply for that job at the suicide hotline eh??

    ***Editors note: No this is not about Brittany Spears. This was a conversation with somebody I actually like. :)