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    Monday, February 04, 2008

    Observations from the car show..... this was kind of a big deal. Early last week, my 13y/o son won 4 tickets to the Grand Rapids auto show and asked if we could go. This is clearly guy stuff, just oozing testosterone, ape grunting, loud farting guys stuff. I of course could not turn this down. While we camp and stuff all the time, this is the first time..He..has invited do guy stuff. This was a bonding moment damnit!!

    Observation 1) While DeVos Place is a fine venue, this show is no Detroit or Chicago auto show. True, it was packed with 2008 model cars, and a magic show, and a couple local media booths...not one bikini clad lass or concept car to be found. This my the petting zoo of the auto show world.

    Observation 2) When in the hell did budwieser start making aluminum bottles? I think it's a cool idea, but wtf..did I miss a memo? Did cans get too boring?

    Observation 3) Who decided all SUV's must interbreed with minivans? Who took the "utility" out of SUV? This keeps me up at night now.

    Observation 4) Why do people tell me a vehicle is "4 wheel drive"....when it's clearly marked "all wheel drive"? It's more than a pet peeve, there is a difference...a big difference.

    Observation 5) Two words......"More Swag."

    I'm thinking I'm dragging man child to Chicago next weekend.....The big zoo will be in town then...:)

    Take care goofs and friends!!

    Comments on "Observations from the car show....."


    Blogger Bunny said ... (4:05 PM) : 

    Yes, we are always disappointed in the GR Auto Show. You read about some cool concept car at Detroit, then they don't bring 'em here. Aggravating. If all I wanted was a sales pitch, I'd just hang around dealer showrooms. Though last year they did have Hooters' girls there. I know, because my husband and son came home with pictures of themselves with the Hooters' girls. My 6 year old just look confused in those pics.

    They've been putting Bud in aluminum bottles for a while. Great bottle shape for easier drinking and holding, but gets cold faster like a can.

    4WD and AWD are different and the manufacturers usually are good about using the right moniker. The show monkeys prob didn't get the memo.

    Definitely need more swag. No question. After all, "FREE" is Grand Rapids' favorite 4-letter F word!


    Anonymous Spook said ... (7:14 AM) : 

    I'll be at the Chicago show on Saturday. Unfortunatly I'll be there with a couple of guys who tend to get on my nerves after about an hour or so. I'll proably split from them eairly and wander on my own for a bit, If you decide to come give me a ring we can drool over the girls/cars/ect. together for a bit.


    Anonymous spook said ... (7:27 AM) : 

    You didnt miss much at the chicago show. a couple of ugly concept cars, mostly based on hybrid engines. Like we couldnt use a little global warming right now. lol not much swag there either and the damn cub scouts gave me pinkeye. grrrrr


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