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    Saturday, March 25, 2006

    Immigrant Rights's been a long time since my last post....but this is just pissing me off.

    Over the last few week, immigrants have been staging protests over proposed legislation to "criminalize" illeagle immigrants in the USA, as well as employers who give them jobs that pay cash under the table.

    Guess what? If you are an illeagle immigrant....your already a crimnal...thats why the word "illeagle" in front of the word immigrant in your case! Guess what else? If your an employer, paying cash under the table to a documented or undocumented worker.....your already a criminal too, AND YOU KNOW IT! The act of congress making it felony doesn't change that, just adds teethe to the risk. God forbid we hold employers accountable so that they have to document thier workers, pay taxes in to the system, and offer fair wages, benefits, etc.

    For crying out loud people, I have no problem with immigrants looking to come here, work, and find a better life. Do it LEGAL!

    For those bleeding hearts who think I'm being a stone cold bastard on this issue, lets try a little experiment.

    Sneak into any other country, I don't care which you choose, Mexico...Canada...the Balkan states, China. Once you actually get in, as an illeagle immigrant, look for work, bring your kids too and apply for state sponsered health care, state sponsered education for your kids, and immigrant rights.

    Email me your success stories, I expect few.........:)