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    Monday, August 27, 2007

    Off Camping....

    Off to camp goofs and friends......posts of mayhem and such when we return!! Be safe and check up with ya all in about a week!! :)

    Thursday, August 16, 2007

    The day mom made me cry......

    So I'm at my mom's house this last weekend. We had some things to attend to, and just let the kids run wild and stuff. It was a relaxing break, set up a DVD player and restock her movie collection, sip some beers...all was good.....good that is untill.

    Backstory...I'm not a terribly rich man cash wise, but I do enjoy some things a little out of my price range. One of these is a cognac called Courvosier. Cognac enthusiasts would call this "low brow" or even mouthwash...but to me, this is nectar of the gods. The Zig house buys 2-3 bottles a year as a rare treat......thats our budget this lil gem,,,,,and we like it damnit!! anywho...on to the story......

    My mom and uncle and I were sitting at the table watching a new dvd and this little conversation broke out...

    Mom...Whats that cognac you like??

    Me...Courvosier, why?

    Uncle...I told ya...thats the stuff that kicked my ass the night before his wedding.

    Me..."chuckling"..technically, it was my truck bumper that kicked your ass, but yes.
    (The night prior my wedding, I shared a bottle with him and mom, he stepped outside to wizz...on my truck tire...he slipped,,,the resulting contact with his face and my rear bumper still makes the wedding pictures entertaining,,,)

    Mom...I thought so, we saw a bottle in the clearance bin at a store not too long was funny looking though so we wern't sure....around $24.00

    Me...Bummer, $24.00 isn't a huge discount but not bad...wait, what do you mean funny looking?? just looked different, had vs..sumfinn on it....

    Me..."My heart sinking a little as reality sets in" V.S.O.P.....yes....guys..the bottle wan't clear was it?? Long neck fat body.....but not clear??

    Mom and Uncle in unison...No it was green.....wierd huh????

    Me..."slow draw on my cigarette"...not so wierd 10 years ago, back just before they stopped bottling it in green glass....making that $24.00 dollar bottle atleast 10 year aged in the bottle....before it was aged in the cask....."sick feeling in my stomach now.."

    Mom...We thought of buying it for you for christmas, but your uncle said no.....

    Me..."me holding back tears"....well you thought of me anywho.........:)

    I stopped at said store, the bottle wasn't there...but other than was just a dandy weekend!! Except for that green bottle that got away.... :)

    happy wednesday goofs and friends!! :)

    Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    We are alive friends..

    No time for long need for long explanations, but we are alive and well in the Zig house.

    Some stuff came up, and it needed attention. Hope all is well and good with you goofs and friends..:)

    Back to posting regular soon!! :)

    Zig out

    Wednesday, August 08, 2007

    Wednesday reflection....and an open apology

    As some of ya may have noticed......I've kind of been taking a backseat lately blogwise. Maybe it's the heat......maybe it's just writers block, creativity has been a little lax for a few days. I was going to do mute mondays.......but ehhhh...I was going to do TMI....but ehhh....I considered another rant in general, but then it hit me...hit me like a ton of bricks. I mean like a brick tossed by an evil neighbor when you're peeing in thier garden at 3am brick. It was just that powerful..

    Many many years ago, shortly before I first met my lovely wife....I was dating a gal that I at the time felt I was kinda of smitten with. Granted she was young, as was I at the time, but ehh, know the routine. Granted both her and her mom were batshit insane...but like 16 you look past these things yes?? So anywho, I was kinda smitten, and pretty much in lust at the time and thought....well she was my "girlfriend" and all, life was grand. We'll call her...EB (evil bitch)

    So anywho...we dated for a few months as a steady type thing, some heavy petting, some groping, maybe a bare boobie tweak here and there....but not much more. Fair enough, we don't want to push these things right? I mean sure I'm a horney teen...and sure she's being a tease and all...but if she's not ready...suck it a man.

    One day at my buddies TA's house bullshiting and sipping some beers while yakking about EB we're looking at his impressive collection of X-Men comics that he knows will be his cash cow one day. I go to grab another comic as TA goes to take a piss and what do I see on his dresser? Why it's a letter from EB.

    Being a man of tact and infinite diplomacy...I did what one simply must in this situation....I read the letter. It was a sappy letter to say the least, it gushed with about how cool his rustbucket cougar was that had a moon roof. It was punctuated with smiley faces, hearts, and littly kitty faces and shit like that. it said alot of stuff......alot......

    TA (total asshole) returned from the bathroom..I assume he was pissing in the bathroom but one can never tell with that crazy ass....and saw me reading it, fucker turned white as a ghost. When I say white as a ghost this is really no small feat, I mean the kid was already practically an albino to turn a lighter shade of pale was impressive......I digress

    Anywho, a short talk ensued, some shit got said, but not a hand was raised...I handed him his letter, looked him in the eye...and wished him luck with his desire.....

    Now we get to the apology part........:)


    I apologize for wishing you luck. Really, I really really do. I mean really...had I known you'd have knocked up EB not once....but twice before she was 18 and you would have had to drop out of highschool....I might have warned you. Had I known she was going to cheat on you the entire time you were together....well let's be honest dude, she was cheating on me with you genious....:)

    Had I known then that today still you live with your dad, and let the state pay your kids child support for you...well, actually, we all kinda saw that coming. Glad you got everything both of you deserve...:) Sell those comics yet?????

    This post inspired by this weeks TMI question.....3 and sponsored by the letter D and number 7. What is the worst thing (spread a rumor, hook up with their SO, etc...) that you did to a friend? Did they do anything to deserve it?

    ***Editors response to the lovley wife....I didn't actually put his eye was a near miss,,,,,,,but damn it puffed up pretty...and yes..yes i did enjoy it....:)

    Happy wednesday goofs and friends!!! :)

    Tuesday, August 07, 2007

    Barry Bonds blah blah blah........

    Lotta talk going on about this.......Hank Aaron...Barry Bonds....Steroids vs honest cheating.....yadda it's enough to even annoy Zig..

    In fairness, I'm not much of a baseball fan anymore. They lost me during the strike in the 90's...though I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the Cubs.....yeah yeah..if you snear..well you can kiss my ass as well.......I digress....

    Here is my thing, and this isn't just directed at Mr. Bonds (though it does apply to you). Be a damn gentleman and remember your fans count. You want to be a showboat..I get that...this is the circus man...we are all paying to be entertained, but when some kid or even a 38 year old fat man catches one of your famed home run balls, be courteous...and sign the damn ball dickweed. Sign it without charging 50 and shake thier hand....maybe act like you actually appreciate you have a fan..

    If you can't muster that up....atleast run the bases if it's not a home's called baseball, not a day at the batting cage..


    Zig out...

    Thursday, August 02, 2007

    Just to annoy....:)

    I love ya Rockdawg!!!!!!!! :)