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    Saturday, December 07, 2013

    My lass is blogging......:)

    My lovely lass is trying her hand at blogging and I invite you to check her new work. It's mostly food and porn....or food porn, I may have the ideas confused.....but please check it and say hello>>>>>:)

    Recipes and Therapy

    and as always..........boobs for reading the whole post......:)

    Monday, December 02, 2013

    Racism and Bigotry.........

         A dear friend of mine started a thread this weekend on her FB wall regarding unfriending somebody because of the racist comments that person posted on his own wall. While I don't support his behaviour, (silent u there just to piss off racists who don't like proper spelling) it got me thinking.......and opinions would be appreciated.

         I for one can appreciate her decision to disassociate herself with this man. They were FB friends, so his wall displayed on her FB, she didn't like the message and he kids can see it, so buh bye. This to me makes perfect sense, but then two things that puzzled me developed.......

    1) She outed him to people / common friends who didn't notice his racist posts...or didn't give a shit.

    2) The thread slowly turned into an anti racism but lets bully the guy "because racism is bad and should be illegal....because that's.....well BAD...M'kay"

    It actually was kind of interesting to see  people saying OMG!! I just deleted him too!! I will not associate with a racist!!!

    These are the same people that much like myself, post memes and stickers and food porn and any other number of arguably sad or hilarious images that most assuredly pisses somebody you see where I am going here??????

         Maybe the guy was indeed an unapologetic skinhead jackass worthy of my friend saying goodbye to. That said, nobody else followed up with him before deleting him. Is racism bad? I believe so. Are most people atleast a teeny bit racist or bigoted in some way? I also believe this to be true. I believe everybody has a discomfort zone, you may be fine with blacks or asians or gays but have an opinion somewhat less flattering hispanics, or mormons, or people that watch maurey's how we express it that matters.

         I for one will keep telling drunken Irish jokes and presume you are not an asshole until you prove me wrong. If you prove me wrong, all it proves is you are an asshole........:)

    Boobs for reading the whole post.......:)