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    Monday, April 24, 2006

    My Keyboard........R.I.P.

    It's a sad day in the Zig household. After 8+ years of loyal service and close friendship, my LiteOn ergo board has passed on and is now in the happy recycling grounds.

    Friend, I'll never forget you. I remember how happy we were when you first moved into my home. The way you chuckled at me as I got used to funky key layout and your intergrated touchpad. The way you protested over the occasional beer bath at a clumsy hand. The way you always's OK........type away in IRC, those typos aren't your fault......I'm an "ergo board" were always there for me buddy.

    Remember that time, I bought the new computer? You know.....that lil atx 233 celeron. We panicked trying to find adapters for you to plug into it's ps2 ports..........but we found them. Then there was that time I wanted to slave a wheel mouse to you and you laffed, we found a db9 to ps2 for your onboard port, and you said.....hey.......this looks good on me............yeah...those were the days.

    You were the best of your breed my friend. You had all the features I needed, and none of the silly crap you're kindred now seem so proud of. Who the hell needs a button on a keyboard to jump straight to the home shopping network? I have a mouse, it's called bookmarks.

    Rest well my friend, you'll never be forgotten, you truly were "The King of Keyboards"

    Sunday, April 02, 2006

    WTF is up with

    Ok, as we all know, Zig is on the bleeding edge of trends and technology, so had to check out this "" thing.

    Upon my first visit, I quickly learned that in order to view any of the pics, you had to join......pity too, I'm a dirty old man and all, but seemed a bit of a hassle to look at a lil T&A.

    OK, so I created a profile, easy enough and all, good to go. Now time to go and test drive my super cool new alter ego and swat friend requests down being the King of Kings I am. I quickly learned a few very important things....

    1) While nude photos are prohibited, suggestive ones are not. That and there are apparently way way more underage teen bi/lesbian girls trolling the internet for like minded sex than even I imagined. Yes yes.......I know 90% of those profiles are 40ish guys posing as girls trolling, but even with 10% legit,,,,DAMN!!!

    2) Customized profiles are very popular, and apparently never previewed by the author. Here's a fucking hint people....dark text on a dark HARD TO READ!! I mean for crying out loud.....thats HTML 101!!! Another hint.....colors like lights purple.....on a slightly darker purple.................EVEN HARDER!!! Bitch of that's almost readable and we strain our eyes and try!

    3) Most customized profiles there basically suck....not all, some damn fancy..........but most........yeah they suck.

    So anywho.........I take the time to set up an account, now off to the forums...yak with like minded geniuses, make friends, plot world domination right? So I'm reading a brilliant thread discussing butter vs margerine, and I have this really really witty post to add, I'm feeling the love here, I go to post.......DENIED

    4) You must have your myspace account 7 days before you can post in the forums. This is an attempt to reduce spam and I can create hundreds of bogus accounts, but have to wait 7 days to use them..........Genius....truly brilliant.

    So anywho, that was my initial brush with, I won't dump it for atleast 7 days, but rather dubious the whole place. Call me an old fart........but I still prefer IRC to this php/bbs crap......

    Anybody else here use myspace?