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    Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    Touchless hand soap dispensers..

    Can somebody explain this shit to me? I mean really............explain it please.....pretty please.

    Here my friends we have a product that makes absolutely no damn sense.

    OHH're off on a rant again......ease up man...F*UCK YOU! Allow me to explain.

    The soap in the ad is reputed to kill 99.9% of's specifically geared for washing your hands. On the surface...this is a noble enough thing.....magic actually...well not actually..theoretically....but if we go with these numbers...I ask you this simple question?

    If your soap is damn good at killing germs.....including those on the pump....why in the hell do I need to buy a touchless dispenser? Why?

    This my friends is worse than the ED commercials with 2 damn bathtubs in the middle of a yard.............or my all time favorite....the massingil commercials with the mother and daughter.....field of flowers....on a swing set...(you know damn well you remember what I'm talking about..)

    So tell me goofs and friends....what commercials get to you of late?

    Comments on "Touchless hand soap dispensers.."


    Blogger Megs said ... (8:01 PM) : 

    Oh. My. God. Get out of my head. When I first saw the commercial for this, I turned to my husband and asked him why I needed a hands free pump for soap when I was just about to wash my hands anyway.

    My only good excuse is for my kids..but even that's a flawed and too easy answer.


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