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    Friday, February 01, 2008

    Random conversations...

    Me........You there??

    Buddy....yeah...I'm here..thanks for calling man. I'm checking into a 90 day lock down.

    Me....Wow! you doing this to dry out free will, or court ordered?

    Buddy.....Fuck you! Doing it for me....I just gotta get straightend out.

    Me......Ok...So long is it's for you, you know I'm here for ya!

    Buddy....No...I applied..and they went through my records and they listed every suicide attempt I made in the last five you know how many?

    Me...Ya know, we've had this talk before. No idea......4-5?

    Buddy.....More like 8! Do you know what that means you???

    Me...Ummmn....That you suck at suicide?

    Buddy....your an asshole!!!

    Me....Yeah, probably shouldn't apply for that job at the suicide hotline eh??

    ***Editors note: No this is not about Brittany Spears. This was a conversation with somebody I actually like. :)

    Comments on "Random conversations..."


    Blogger Mrs.ZigZagMan said ... (6:48 AM) : 

    is "no comment" a comment?


    Anonymous gretty said ... (10:06 AM) : 

    I've had very similar conversations. You handled yours with much more humor and much less screaming. Well done.


    Blogger ZigZagMan said ... (7:33 PM) : 

    Mrs. Zig...Yes...yes I do believe that is a comment. :)

    Gretty...Well..there was some screaming..:)


    Blogger Yummy said ... (8:58 PM) : 

    "no comment" is in itself a comment.. :-) And Yeah he should apply for a job at the suicide hotline... :-) Nothing beats experience... lol


    Blogger Bunny said ... (11:19 AM) : 

    LOL @ "you suck at suicide"

    I once listed my inability to properly off myself as yet another of my character flaws.

    Seriously, I hope everything works out for the dude he gets and stays straight and happy.


    Blogger Amorous Chick said ... (10:20 AM) : 

    "You suck at suicide." Lmao. Yeah, definitely don't ever volunteer to work at a suicide hotline. I hope your buddy gets straightened out. =o)


    Blogger ZigZagMan said ... (1:39 AM) : 

    Yummy...I may well suggest that to him next we yak! :)

    Bunny...I'm sure he'll be fine, and it's best that we are not good at all things we try..:)

    Amorous Chick...Thanks for the well wishes lass. Oddly my sisters won't let me babysit either...:)


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