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    Friday, February 29, 2008

    Shameful entertainment.....

    OK........I admit it. While I have to admit there is nobody in our presidential campaign I really like, this has been fun to watch play out.

    The Dem side in particular. I admit to being a guy that slows down and rubber necks when driving past a car/train/plane wreck as well...and this has all the attributes I swear. It's a guilty pleasure admittedly......but I do have one bitch.

    Stick to the goddamn rules!!!

    There are some halfassed or better rumours that Texas may be contested by either side of the dems, because of their complicated system. I find this odd as it's a long standing system both Dems had no problem going in. You want to bitch about Bush "stealing" two elections...don't emulate what you said he did. There is a long standing rule...Don't mess with TEXAS!.

    Michigan and Florida......sorry Dems, you already said they are out for holding primaries too soon. No soup for you, the delegates are out.

    My lovely wife and I had a talk last year and she was livid. She remembers going to a primary here in Michigan, and being denied a vote slip. At that time, you actually had to be declared a Demipublican or a vote in the primary. She thought that was unfair. To me this makes perfect sense, and no disrespect to the independent voter.....but lets put this in perspective.

    Repubicrats and Demopublicans are both a private club. Their choice for who they want to run for president should be amongst that damn club. The weird quirk in politics that voters in the opposite party can skunk that one is bullshit. It's like wallmart CEO's voting who they want to run Meijers even though they are not share holders. Or more like letting your crazy uncle deciding who should run your house even though he doesn't live there.

    Now when it comes to the general vote........everybody vote their heart. One person one vote.....but if your going to stir a bucket in the primaries, declare yourself part of that clubs bucket party.

    If you agreed to the rules going by the rules.....if you don't like the rules, bitch before it's a tight race. Thats all I'm saying.

    For the record....and just my opinion...Obama sucks, Hillary sucks, McCain sucks, Huckabee sucks.

    I am ZigZagMan...and I approve of this message..:)

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