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    Thursday, May 11, 2006

    My first HNT here's the deal. So my Lovely wife and her mom want to go out of town and catch a stage show.
    I of course did not want any part of this nonsense....did what any man would do, offered to defend the house and gourd it from villians and thugs....guy shit......ok..I planned on drinking beer and watching porn....

    Ma..the "mother in law" is a wonderful person, I love her dearly, and truly a great spirit. So anywho, Ma decided...well if Zig isn't going.....Father in law can stay with him and they can play together.....

    Now to be fair, I love my father in law to death. We enjoy eachothers company, have a hoot sipping beer and talking about anything, but an arranged weekend long playdate....well creeped the shit out of both of us. We're guys, he's got his stuff to mine, both with wives out of the was awkward as hell.

    So anywho, we basically caved to the wives, mostly to his wife, and spent the weekend getting well imbibed, telling stories, setting things on was indeed a pleasant weekend....:) Then the ladies made it home. We had a roaring fire in the fireplace, father in law and I pretty lit, gals wanted to have a few with us, we had by all....:)

    At some point, Ma went upstrairs and procurred a matress fom my sons bed....drug it downstairs, and set it up infront of the fire. After passing out, me being bored....sharpie marker in hand............I present you this HNT!! :)

    I'm so scared to go to camp this year...............................lolololololol

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    Blogger Suze said ... (11:33 AM) : 

    I do too. Wishing you a belated Happy HNT ;)


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