Tuesday, February 15, 2005

And the Rants BEGIN!!!!

Well not really, but here they have...:)

Today is the first day I've really had to play much with this blog thing, and we'll see just how this goes.

Today's rant..Influenza and kidney stones!! Yeah......a great combination!

Zig's a busy and lucky man, has a full time job with a 2 great kids and a very very tolerant wife. What do you get when that combination comes down with the flu bug and wife has a stubborn kidney stone? 2 puking kids, a mother in law at your house, and a less than amused boss. Zig thinks his boss fails to see that I am less amused than he is.

The hospital called........they are trying to make Agrah comfy, we're waiting to see what happens next.....most likely an overnight stay and treatment. My fingers crossed she passes it before it turns overnight..

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