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    Wednesday, May 09, 2007

    Wednesday post and sore arms...

    So an offer came by earlier this week to pick up some hours at a local factory. Pretty straight forward stuff, they are short handed and can use a temp grunt, I need some money as I'm still not formally employed.....everybody wins. It's no small bonus that they are willing to let me set my hours within reason, still do the stay at home dad stuff I kinda need to right now..:)

    My arms are f*cking sore!!!! Yes I can lug PC's around and crap like that, but the truth is...I've been a desk jockey most of my professional life. I'm using muscles I forgot I had..and they are telling me about it!LOL

    On to the some of you may have noticed, about a month or so ago, I changed the template. There were a couple of reasons for this.....mostly just because I personally like the 3 column layout better than a traditional 2. I tinkered and tinkeed for a few months with it on a test blog, trying to preserve the colour scheme..get the layout just the way I wanted......This my friends is where I made a huge ass mistake!!

    Zig broke the 1st comandment of web development..the cardinal rule....I only tested it in Firefox..well...because I use and like Firefox. Really...I know better than this, no excuses....but damn....some of ya shoulda spoke up. I had no idea just how crappy this place was loading in IE untill my dad (yes my dad reads my blog...and probably yours too...we are an extended family of pervs..:))pointed this out.

    I've tweaked the code..and from my end it seems to load proper now in FireFox, IE6+, and Opera. If any of you are Safari users...would be interested if it loads proper for you as well, I have no access to a no way to test.

    Thats my day....take care goofs and friends!! :)

    ***Editors note: Some malformed java found and edited / or removed. Hopefully this will improve IE's load time..:)

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    Comments on "Wednesday post and sore arms..."


    Blogger Mert said ... (11:11 PM) : 

    I like the 3 column layout! I haven't ventured into trying to tweak a 3 column yet... but one of these days I will get bored with my template. The one I have now has lasted about 4-5 months I think, which is very unusual because I get bored with templates quickly.

    I have made all of the grand dorks a dork smiley to use as you wish, here are yours: Elvis Zig and Mustache Zig. Enjoy!


    Blogger Aunt Jackie said ... (12:09 AM) : 

    yeah I'm going to make mine 3 column layout soon... Oh god the woes of testing for every single browser!!! What about friggin Safari!! :(
    Hey I linked ya up--thanks for the linkage.

    Have yourselves a mighty fine Thursday... :)

    XOXO Auntie Jaxxxxxxxx


    Blogger meowminx said ... (12:53 PM) : 

    Thanks for stopping by. I have to agree with you - just get the hell out! lol


    Anonymous meowminx said ... (12:56 PM) : 

    Ive just tried viewing your site on IE7 and for a moment I thought the rest of your blog had disappeared, but everything loaded up after 2 seconds ^_^


    Blogger RockDog said ... (1:34 PM) : 

    It is a trully kick ass template! 3 columns is bad ass!


    Blogger JINKS said ... (3:12 PM) : 


    found you through Aunt Jackie.
    do like the blog set up.
    thanks for turning me on to Live from Ireland....listen to local program on saturdays here, wevl-fm 89.9 from memphis,"strands of the celtic knot". have a good day zigzag and hope the muscle strain eases up soon.


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:04 PM) : 

    I uses IE7 and you load in about 2 seconds for me. So not a problem at all. :o)

    It's always fun reviving the muscles you forgot you had. Even more fun for the ones you didn't know existed until they start screaming at you. ;-)


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:40 PM) : 

    I see no overlapping columns. :D


    Blogger crse said ... (12:24 AM) : 

    yeah i saw the word firefox and completely blanked out. I hope the grunt work is pleasant despite the complaints of the muscles!


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