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    Saturday, May 12, 2007

    Saturday movie review..:)

    So I was going to review a new favorite campy lowbrow soft porn today. In reality, this new addition to my library is soooo bad, it's pretty damn good in it's pureness of what it is. To do proper respect to this 2004 release from Fred Olen Ray, I was trolling around trying to find the dvd cover art. In my search I found THIS review over from the crew at Eccentric Cinema.
    After having read thier review...I knew I couldn't come close to topping it, so you really should read it...but I can add the following..

    )Jezebelle Bond (Pre Boobjob) Smokin' Hot!!!
    )Danielle Petty (lesbian Bathtub scene) Smokin' Hot!!!
    )Nicole Sheridan (DUH) Smokin' Hot!!!

    There's some dinasours and guys in it also....and a magic time portal. What more can you ask of a movie of this quality?? :)

    *** off to shameless plugs. GLOW IN THE DARK YARD GNOMES!! Ya know you want one!! :) They also have yard gnomes that blow bubbles out thier arse!! :)

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    Comments on "Saturday movie review..:)"


    Blogger Mrs.ZigZagMan said ... (11:59 AM) : 

    why havent i watched this yet?


    Blogger Suze said ... (12:44 PM) : 

    Never mind the review! I wouldn't say no to her hitting me over the head and dragging me back to her cave. ;)


    Blogger Mert said ... (12:47 PM) : 

    Haha! The gnome blowing bubbles is killing me! It's deliciously dorky :D

    My (insane) mother sent me a used gnome as a gift once for Christmas, the hubs and I kept it as a joke for awhile, he had a spot in out kitchen.

    Good times.*rolls eyes*


    Blogger crse said ... (8:55 PM) : 

    I swear Ive seen that porn before! (blushing madly)


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