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    Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    TMI Tuesday and a hit on my resume...:)

    So I get the manchild to school, and tool back home. I tinker with this and that, run off to the store and lo and behold........blinking answering machine. The message was quite surprising really..."Hi Mr. Zig, I found your resume on the MTB, we have a position open and was wondering if you'd be interested. I'll send you an e-mail also."

    Now....if your a regular reader you should know I'm kinda dubious...I really have no interest in yakking with another goof about how I can make 2-5k a month on my home pc selling pheremones and snakeoil...or snakes in oil....though that might be fun....I digress.

    A quick e-mail check, and this is a legit offer. A smallish company that markets it's custom niche software, and hardware support as well. It's local, well established, and has an install base of about 800 customers. I dunno...but definately gonna look deeper into this one! Lets face it, that $7.00 I won off the lotto isn't going to last forever....:) to TMI Tuesday..;)

    1. Stubble... good or bad? How often do you shave?
    Depends on where the stubble is....:) Actually, I need to get back in the habit of every day...I've kinda let myself slip into that "at camp" look.

    2. How often do you kiss (read make out) with your so?
    Not nearly as often as I should....I need to work on that.

    3. Have you ever placed a personal ad or answered a personal ad?
    It's been many years...but actually yes. Both on Yahoo and AFF......the responses were odd and scary...scarier than IRC....and we don't need to discuss that....:)

    4. Where was the first place you ever had sex?
    Depends on how literally you define it.....see I had this babysitter a long time ago...she was 15-16....I wonder if she became a school teacher in Florida.....
    ***Legal disclaimer...I was the basbysitee...not the employer of said babysitter...:)

    5. After a night of great sex, who do you tell? How much?
    My lovely wife....and we are usually in some sort of pleasant pain the next day..:)

    Bonus (as in optional): Have you ever kissed your partner on the lips after oral sex without brushing teeth, nor washing/gargling/rinsing out mouth? Turn on or off?
    I see this question pop up again and again from various places. I love getting, I love giving....sometimes adding flavors or listerene strips for fun. (If you have not really should try the listerene strip approach) I wouldn't say it's a turn on or turn off for me, but a tender moment after a part of our lovemaking. To each thier own...:)

    Anywho....happy TMI goofs and friends!! :)


    Comments on "TMI Tuesday and a hit on my resume...:)"


    Anonymous SeaRabbit said ... (7:00 PM) : 

    I'm glad you got a serious (or looking serious offer... It is not a funny time searching a job...
    About TMI...
    I quite like the 'at camp' look... as I wrote... and I'm quite sure Mrs Zig can appreciate it too...
    I'm gonna have to make Him read your answer to #2... He fit in that...INMHO...LOLOLOL...
    I really love your answers to 5 and Bonus... this is very sweet... I thought often about the listerine strip... but never get the moment right... should I hold it in my hand before we get there? I'm scared it will melt...;-)
    In my mouth at the right beginning??? He's gonna know it...
    Tape some stripes all around the place??? That is probably the best solution... ;-)


    Blogger crse said ... (7:42 PM) : 

    Im so pumped to hear about the offer! You are having the anti-week of everyone around me. Which is a very good thing. I forgot it was TMI tuesday! Thanks for reminding me!


    Blogger Amorous Rocker said ... (2:49 AM) : 

    Cool beans about the possible job offer. I hope it turns out to be something worthwile. $7.00 can be stretched but just not that far.

    Good answers.... as always. :)


    Blogger Sexy Duet said ... (5:51 AM) : 

    Great news about the job offer. Never thought of Listerine strips - I learn all sorts of things visiting here! Happy TMI


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