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    Saturday, September 08, 2007

    Setting up your tent in daylight....

    To tell you honest, I don't believe I've ever done it. That red tent in the backround.....that's the lovely wifes and mine. In 5 years of camping with it, I'm not certain it's ever been set up in daylight. It's a running joke in the family now that not only can we set it up in 10 minutes, in the dark, but can't do it in the daylight.

    As a youth I've been exposed to "pup tents", "cabin tents", even old school "army tents"....but to be honest, 99% of my tenting has been with the slow and steady evolution of the good ole "dome tent". For better or worse, these things keep getting bigger, improvements here, bad ideas there, and rainflaps that just plain never work..:)

    Perhaps I'm a cynic here, but when you have to make a tent over your tent, of tarps...something is wrong.....but I digress....

    Anywho, it was somewhat a surprise to me at camp mid week when mom and dad in law asked if I could help with a problem they had. Seems a tent needed to be set up for some of the kids camping with us, and it had 3 very large problems.

    Problem 1, Neither had set this one up before, and no instructions..........

    Problem 2, The elastic string had broke on 1 of the rod assemblies........

    Problem 3, It was still daylight, so they were not sure I could help......:)

    Problem 1 was no big deal at all, simple dome with a rainflap....piece of cake, but 2 now, 2 scared my mom in law to death.

    Here is the truth about dome tents.....when they came out, none of them had that elastic string running through the fiberglass rods. The elastic exists for 1 reason and 1 reason alone. It's not for structural integrity, it's not a's far more entertaining........

    It's so drunk/hungover campers can assemble/take down there tents without loosing rods!!!!!!

    Assuring her of this on this premise seemed to work, as I got drafted and quickly went to assembling the tent I now look back on as "Tent-o-crying-babies"....

    Granted, it was in the daylight, so it took me twice as long, but we got it done...

    Now if somebody can invent an elastic string to my tent spikes so I don't loose those....................

    Comments on "Setting up your tent in daylight...."


    Anonymous Spook said ... (6:44 PM) : 

    yeah, that elastic always dryrots after a rainy summer camp anyway. you should have seen Tony and I tring to set up a 6 person tent with no elastic at Woodstock 99. we just got it set up and right in the middle of that feeling of acomplishment we realized we were in the middle of the nudest section. next to a couple of 70 year old hippies handing out mardi gra beads to anyonw who would use their camp shower. lol


    Blogger Bunny said ... (12:52 AM) : 

    Tell me about the lousy rainflaps! OMG, we were drenched in August in Pentwater. Add that to the fact that only one of our air mattresses could be inflated (hubby left the cap at home, arrgh) and I was the one with no air mattress, and it really sucked to be in our tent.

    I just buy extra spikes regularly, so we're always ahead a spike or two.

    Re: previous post's pic - LOVE the t-shirt. That is so great!


    Blogger Aunt Jackie said ... (8:58 AM) : 

    By far one of the best tents I've seen :) Hope you guys ended it having a good time... sorry that there were a few 'dampers'... Have a good week! AJ


    Blogger crse said ... (6:40 PM) : 

    Zig, I think your family could actually talk me back into getting into a tent again....maybe....


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