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    Tuesday, September 04, 2007

    Not all campers...are friendly campers...

    I dunno goofs and friends, but it just strikes me odd. Odd that you escape the city by dragging a 30+ft trailer that cost almost as much as your house....out into the woods to not camp.

    I know...perhaps I'm a camp snob here, but big screen TV with the dvd player, satellite hook up, air conditioning and me friends, this is not camping.

    Usually we are a friendly bunch and tolerate this type of silliness. We are rednecks, but we understand some don't understand this simple concept. That's what they made KOA or Jellystone camps for.....but.....

    When you bring not 1 but 4 of these monsters to a primitive the road...wayyyyyy off the road, it's kinda damn rude to expect the campsite down the road to be quiet just for you. This is especially true if you set up days after the loud campsite has dug it's trenchs.

    So anywho, our tent city started around last monday.....and grew proud till about wednesday. It was a fine city, full service bar, enclosed pooper, and about 8 or so tents scattered around a big ass fire ring. We my friends, as always, were camping in style.

    Friday...the flatlander circus arrived. We watched with some bemused chuckles as they tried to cram all these trailers in a site way too small...but hey, they seemed happy, so what the hell, we share the woods right?? WRONG!!

    The first thing we noticed is that they don't like locals very much. They expressed this with funny looks when we'd waive to them...and not waive back....we stopped waiving. We thought they lightened up by saturday, because we got really really drunk and sang around the we always do saturday night.....and finished every song with WOOOOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! By golly, they woooohoooooed back! We thought maybe we made friends and they'd walk over and share a beer and a such joy.

    After several WOOOHOOO's!! and such, we went to bed only to find out they weren't wooohoooing with us at all. They were shouting very very unkind things. Unkind things like "rednecks", "a-holes", "inbred", and such........this hurt our feelings. It may have been a bible camp trip or something....because they actually yelled A-Hole and not asshole........that still chuckles me.....I digress...

    Now I pose a question dear friends and this good camp behaviour? I mean, lets set aside the obvious saftey factor of taking your crew deep deep in deep nobody can hear you...and insult the local rednecks.....thats just silly. I mean, is this friendly camping?

    Comments on "Not all campers...are friendly campers..."


    Anonymous Bubba said ... (8:27 AM) : 

    Zig my brother... with a nick like Bubba.. you KNOW what my position this would be... if this trailer trash (yes these kinds of people ARE the ones that give trailer dwellers a bad name) are dumb enough to drag that monster that far back into the woods.. and then be that ... RUDE... they should not be all that surprised to wake up and find out one of the tires on their rig is flatter than my 7th grade girl friend!

    But that's just me... ;)

    And of course it could be done leaving the impression said flat was from puncture of a root or sharp rock. Quietly. From a distance. One word... Gemtech. ;)

    And no.. MrsZig STILL can't have my phone number for your lil episodes of drunken dialing at 3AM. :p


    Anonymous crse said ... (6:13 AM) : 

    Buddy, I would like to apologize on behalf of half assed wannabe campers everywhere. These a-holes (can i tell you the fact that they actually used the WORD a-hole cracked me up for the better part of the last day?) do not represent our general feelings about you true blue woodsfolks at all. Behavior such as this goes beyond unfriendly camping straight to what can only be defined as classless ignorance. Dont let the white trash bastards grind you down friend! CAMP ON!!!


    Blogger Backcut said ... (3:50 PM) : 

    Camping should always be first reserved for the locals. These A-holes sounds like city slickers and slackers. Yep, the KOA Snore City complexes seem the best for these folks. Send a rabid Snipe after them and maybe even save up some grease drippings to spread all around their camp, enticing bears and other troublemakers *grin*


    Blogger ZigZagMan said ... (4:49 PM) : my brother are being far kinder than what we were plotting,
    but we let them be. Probably should have warned them that some teens were burning
    pallets at that site the weekend before though...:)

    crse...On behalf of all my tribe, I accept the apology. While I
    know primitive camping is not your thing, atleast you're honest
    about it..:) You my dear friend kick ass!! Happy belated b-day btw..:)

    backcut...As you say my friend, KOA and such exist for a reason. We really
    are friendly rednecks, happy to share the woods, but don't care much for
    rude bet is they were detroiters...:)


    Blogger Aunt Jackie said ... (8:53 AM) : 

    Absolutely Not!! Too bad you guys didn't get the better of them by making them feel like they'd stepped into 'deliverance' a bit, nothing wrong with teaching a "friendly" lesson, eh?? :)



    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:40 PM) : 

    Honey that's not friendly camping. It's not friendly camping from the get go because what they were doing was not camping. Silly people. I have the urge to yell "A-hole" at someone now, lol.


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