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    Tuesday, May 15, 2007

    TMI Tuesday....and feling pretty good...

    Crazy sleep patterns abound in the Zig house, but the last few days were unusally odd. I'd get an hour here, an hour there....last night 6-7 hours of pretty real sleep! And now I'm just feling pretty damn good!! :)

    With a lil luck, I can get an appointment set up for theis week and the local CU. After weeks of finger pointing, think I know who to see about Comptia testing. I try to keep business local...but honestly, I should have just driven to a larger town, I'd be certified by now....grrr....i digress..

    Anywho, on to TMI...!!

    1. Have you ever used foods in your sexual activities (ie; whipped cream, syrup, popsicles) and how did you use them?

    )Several times..listerene strips a current favorite. One particularly fond memory is many many years ago with the Lovely wife. It was a hot summer day and we walked an old wood trail to the riverbank armed with a tub of redi whip and a blanket. The grass was a good 4+ foot tall, we tamped down a spot 5-6 feet off the trail and got comfy. Well camofauged and under the sun.....I suspect the fly fisherman walking up and down that part of the river had a clue...maybe not...:)

    2. If your SO asked you to get them off using only your toes - would you do it and how?

    )My Fred Flinstone feet are useul for many things.....but suspect this would not be one of them. I mean c'mon...even if you have a hammer toe fettish, do you really what your jibbly bits rubbed with sandpaper.....ehh, some gals do I guess....:)

    3. Would you ever participate in an orgy? Have you?

    )I've thought of it, but never have. A 3 way once...and in hindsite missed opportunities. I dunno, we have rules here and discuss the possibilities....we'll see..:)

    4. What can a lover do to turn you on instantly?

    )She has a certain look she gets now and then.......That and just start blowing for no good reason.....yeah...that'll get me turned on in an instant..:)

    5. Describe your favorite piece of lingerie or undergarments on yourself or your mate. (PICS PLEASE!!!)

    )I have this old silk robe that she has seemed to claim as hers. I kinda look like a drag queen in it, she looks much better in it than I do!!!! :)

    Bonus (as in optional): Describe the best orgasm you've ever had. ;)

    )I was going to be a smart ass on this one, say something like while some are in your pants at Walmart..they're all good..:)

    There was one a week ago that stands out though.....touched a piece of her mind and saw through her eye's a moment....for just a moment, as we lie on our backs spent..I could see the stars she sees....I'll count that one...:)

    Wanna participate in TMI? Go visit the crew and show them some love. :)

    Happy TMI goofs and friends!!

    Comments on "TMI Tuesday....and feling pretty good..."


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:05 PM) : 

    Oh those were great answers and I loved the bonus! Happy TMI!


    Blogger Dial-Up Princess said ... (4:36 PM) : 

    good answers :) ...happy TMI


    Blogger Mrs.ZigZagMan said ... (10:45 PM) : 

    You get extra credit for seeing my stars:) lol. your robe is comfy, i like the way its silky feel glides across my skin, reminds me of your throbbing head....... i digress.....
    happy TMI babe.


    Blogger hot & horny housewife said ... (2:42 AM) : 

    I think it's sexy when I woman wears her mans clothing.
    Happy TMI!!!


    Blogger crse said ... (7:21 AM) : 

    Like the ones you have in walmart in your pants. Ok that made me smile more than Brian did! Great TMI buddy (and gotta say, call me sick but sandpaper toe aint all the turn off you think....) (Blushing...not that i know...)


    Blogger meowminx said ... (2:10 AM) : 

    I agree with h&h housewife ;)

    Yes, I know, shame about the bonus one - well, who knows? LOL


    Blogger stanglover64 said ... (8:56 PM) : 

    Love the bonus. It's always best when both partners are seeing stars.


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