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    Monday, April 23, 2007

    Late sunday / Early monday post.... i'm a lil nervous about this interview.........but ehh...I'll live. But I've been playing this weekends events back in my mind.

    My dad is out of town, but stepmom and family were there...including an aunt...who I'm trying to help get her comptia A+. We ate pizza...we yakked....the princess played with the aunts grandgirl........basically I was the only guy in the middle of a big ass pajama party......wich under different circumstances could be cool......setting for a porno movie even...but not this visit..:)

    So anywho...polite conversation turns to real conversation...and we all get bored with that....then we talk a lil about the school shooting.....which I've been avoiding likethe plauge so as not to give that ASSHOLE so much a minute of more glory.....and then I'm asked the awkward question....

    Even if he got the guns legally....why the hell would he need them???

    Now friends....I'm in no way defending him...or the laws that let him buy them...but these questions piss me off. Rather then spend a great deal of time discussing with her which does more damage..9mm vs .22 caliber....laws...etc. I asked many steak knives do you have in the house?

    This threw her and she said...well a few. I asked...really...a few? How many do ya need.....I've seen your cutlery, you have alot of knives here you've never used...likely never will use....and some pretty scary looking? Who decides whats a steak knife vs a butcher knife? Why?

    We agreed to drop the whole conversation after was probably best...:)

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    Anonymous Ziggy's Daddy said ... (10:18 AM) : 

    You've had steak at my house. Clearly, the butcher knives would be the pointy ones that actually cut things (and no one gets to use). Now, . . . . let's talk about this pajama party movie you're imagining, and just how are your therapy sessions going these days?


    Blogger crse said ... (12:25 PM) : 

    you know? thats a really good point. i just read this to gret and she told me about this serial killer whose babysitter reported that she fell asleep while watching him and woke up to find all the knives (steak and butcher) in a circle pointing at her. So there ya go.


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