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    Tuesday, April 17, 2007

    It finally arrived!!!!

    It finally arrived! I've been plotting for months now. I've been checking the mailbox every day. I've been crossing my fingers hoping like hell I wasn't geting ripped off........and today......yesterday actually, my bad for not checking the mail till like 3am....but arrived!!!

    What could it be you may ask?

    Is it a quantum accelerator?? NOPE (certain legal restraints.....bastards)
    Is it a really cool DVD?? NOPE
    Is it a rubber ducky with a pointy green hat?? NOPE (mental note to get rubber ducky with green pointy hat)

    As my lovely wife / campaign manager was soliciting votes for the dorkblogger contest, I proudly handed her the prize of prizes. A well read copy of Ice Prophet!!

    The 1st book of an obscure sci fi/fantasy trilogy I turned her onto back in the 80's by William R. Forstchen. I've spent the a fair amount of time finding these, and now the trilogy is complete..and a happy wife is reading as we speak...:)

    See....the internet is not just for porn afterall....:)

    Happy tuesday goofs and friends........oh.and VOTE FOR ZIG!! :)

    ***Edit: Unexpected bonus. All three seem to be 1st edition prints.....granted it's an obscure print, they may well all be 1st additions.....but phhpt!! :)

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