Friday, August 29, 2008

WTF and general feelings of phhhhpt

So as my ever expanding WTF shelf finds yet another volume, I reflected today. I don't know goofs.....I just can't find my groove. I lost my fucking groove man...and it kinda pisses me off. I know it's around here someplace, I know I'll find it again, but it's like your car keys. You never care that your car keys are lost until ya need them.......but all hell breaks loose when your ready to go to work...I digress...

As I miss yet another camp....I ponder things. I ponder things like maybe I just need a beer and a blowjob. Maybe that really is the answer, could life really be that simple? Maybe it is, and that gives me hope.

Hope is good, because the alternative means spending too much thinking things like this...:)

Take care goofs and friends....:)

Comments on "WTF and general feelings of phhhhpt"


Blogger winterskibunny said ... (9:04 PM) : 

I have lost the groove that I last saw when I was nineteen or 21.

WTF is this feeling older stuff all about.


OpenID gretty said ... (9:30 PM) : 

A groove is a huge responsibility. Take a well earned rest until it shows up again ;-)


Blogger Bunny said ... (3:51 PM) : 

I'm so sorry sweetie. I hope your groove turns up soon. If I see up here in GR before I leave in a week and half, I'll let you know.


Blogger Factor 10 said ... (2:44 AM) : 

Consider the Groove recharging, not lost.

Hang in there, buddy.


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