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    Friday, January 18, 2008

    Never piss off a tiger......

    So the tiger story still prevails......and guess what? One of the kids admits they were drunk and harassing it......

    It's a tragic story no matter how ya slice it, but I'm reminded of a teenage experience.

    Once, I had this friend and we were running from the cops........I said man...we have to outrun these guys!!

    He didn't even look my way...but said...Nope!!! I just have to outrun you!!

    Friendship at it's finest!! :)

    And now....Just for Bubba Tex.....I think I found your kin hoss!!!

    Take care goofs and friends!

    Comments on "Never piss off a tiger......"


    Anonymous Bubba-Tx said ... (8:56 AM) : 

    Those morons are NOT relatives of mine! Everyone knows there is not enough water in West Texas to have drainage ditches like that.

    We do however, have irrigation canals with service roads on each side.

    Now the biggest problem in water skiing, is the boat can only go as fast as the water chop will allow it. This is NOT the case on dirt service roads. I can confirm that one CAN barefoot on an irrigation canal at 65 MPH.

    The real problem here is getting up and kicking off one's start ski. One learns quickly to barefoot DOWN stream. The 12 mile drive to retrieve said kick off ski cuts into buddie's ski time and they hold your allotment of the beer ransom until said ski is recovered. Bare footing downstream allows you to simply wait on the ski to float to you while imbibing on said beer allotment.

    Off the land of bree, wine and white flags of surrender. Hopefully to survive until I can make it to the leg of the trip in the land of slot machines, $5 steak dinners and long legged nekkid showgirls.


    Blogger ZigZagMan said ... (1:37 PM) : 

    bubba...I feel for ya buddy, atleast Vegas is a payday for what you must endure!! :) Safe flight and win some lapdances for me!


    Blogger crse said ... (7:08 AM) : 

    omg thats right up there with the "a friend will bail you out of jail but a best friend will be sitting there next to you talking about how awesome it was!" I missed ya zigman.


    Blogger ZigZagMan said ... (2:02 AM) : 

    crse...funny story that as it's very very


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