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    Sunday, January 13, 2008

    Political parties explained....via halloween.....:)

    So I was trying to explain the differences in political parties to my 12 year old son last year, and I remembered a skit I heard back in 2004 on NPR. Yes my readers and friends, I do at times listen to NPR.....F*ck you too! It has fine programming and I enjoy the contrast. I'm a complicated creature and need to eat more than one thing every day.....I digress.

    So Halloween comes and 5 children knock on the door....all scream "Trick or treat!!"

    Kid 1...Hi!! I'm a Republican. I worked very hard for this costume and paid for it myself. I hope my hard work will pay off and I'll be rewarded for it. I also hope that you give me the good candy...not circus peanuts or mary janes, but either way..thanks for the candy.

    Kid 2...Hi!! I'm a Democrat. I also worked really hard for my own costume and paid for it. I do know though that alot of kids like me could never ever afford their own costumes, I think we should just chip in and give them one. Granted, not one better than mine..but a nice one. I don't care what candy you give me so long as you give me some......but it's terribly unfair that you have that much candy and give it to other kids with full bags. I think kids with full bags of candy should share all of it so those less fortunate won't feel bad.

    Kid 3...Hi!! I'm a Libertarian. As you may have noticed, I'm not wearing a costume. While I really would appreciate some candy...I'd prefer to just buy my own. I honestly only ask you defend my right to buy whatever candy I want with my own money and leave me the hell alone about it. BTW.....did ya notice the first 2 their costumes sucked!!! :)

    Kid 4...Hi!! I'm a communist. May I just say it's unfair you have so much candy. We should take all the candy everywhere and make one big pile. Everybody gets he same amount of candy..the same kind of candy...or nobody should have candy.

    Unfortunate we never heard from kid 5. Kid 5 was a member of the green party and promptly egged the house....beat the home owner and set the place on fire in protest of plastics being bad for the environment.

    My son sat amazed and glassy eyed by the end of this talk....but I made a difference......:)

    Take care goofs and friends!

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