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    Wednesday, January 16, 2008

    Days like these........

    Wow........what a damn farce we exercised on Tuesday. Two primaries on the same day, Republicrat or Demopublican......the Dems being an exercise in humor more than anything else. My only real question to the Dems this one.....if Hillary was so "in agreement one the DNC's boycott" why didn't you remove yourself from the ticket?

    I love Michigan. Michigan is my home. Michigan has great things, and great potential yet to be unseen. But days like these...I truly do see why the upper peninsular wants to be it's own state.

    What I still can't figure out however, is how voters respond to promises by the "potential" repair our states economy........

    Regardless of whether you believe our country is heading for a recession, the last seven years have seen a pretty damn good economy for the USA. Lets be honest with ourselves, Michigan is it's own mess. The "president" can't, no matter what promises, fix that. That piece of magic falls squarely with our state legislature..and our governor.

    Lets clear up some myths about michigan shall we?

    Myth 1) Detroit is the center of Michigan. Sorry motor are certainly one of several vital organs in Michigan, but not the center of it's universe. I'd like to see a little more attention paid to the lungs kidneys heart and pancreas of this state, and a little less spent on it's liver.

    Myth 2) Jennifer Granholm is the spawn of satan. I can only suspect this is false. Atleast partially so....kinda.....sorta.

    Myth 3) All Michigan residents tell you where they are from by pointing to a place on their hand. This is only partially true, it's rude to say all....btw, yoopers do it also but point their fingers right and thumb up. I learned that at a wedding...:)

    Myth 4) We all hunt deer and fish and drink and camp., many transplants live here...we are working on that. For the record, many that claim to go to deer camp actually buy fish after leaving the tittie bar..

    Myth 5) Michigan is known as the welfare wonderland. Absolutely not true......we insisted all those bumper stickers be removed in the 80's. may have been true once.....but damn man....

    Myth 6) Michigan is surrounded by 20 percent of the worlds drinking water. Partially ice sheet crazy ass global warming theory aside......liquid water we have in with it.

    Myth 7) Michigan is actually part of Canada. False!! While we love our brothers and sisters in Ontario, Our dear governor is a US She used to be Canadian...besides, the canadians would never consider Spanish as a national language.

    Myth 8) Michigan people are rude. Not true my friend, but we are wary of outlanders. Depending on what side of the state your visiting, a simple "hi" may be met with disdain....or a simple "wtf".......we are however very friendly.......go to a concert..:)

    Myth 9) There are no rednecks in Michigan. OMG...where do I start here? We are a state built and proud of our redneck heritage. Our biggest argument with the southern rednecks is the way we say y'all.....and we have more most counties....kinda......well maybe reaching on this one.

    myth 10) Zig knows what the hell he is talking about. Opinions vary......rarely by much!! :)

    Take care goofs and friends....:)

    Comments on "Days like these........"


    Blogger Bunny said ... (4:13 PM) : 

    1) Detroit isn't the center of the freakin' universe? Say it ain't so! Not every single person in Michigan depends on the auto industry for his/her livelihood? Huh.

    2) I like Jenny; 12 years of Englerism left her a steaming pile to negotiate

    3) The trick is whether they use the front of the their hand or the back . . .

    4) Anyone who drives is a potential deer hunter now that the state says you can keep what you hit!

    5) Now we leave people in the cold and kids hungry. Yea Michigan!

    6) We gots water, oh yeah, even with the lake levels dropping. Arizona - get your own damn water! We didn't make you live in the f*cking desert!

    7) I don't know aboot this one, eh? Perhaps we should join Canada, eh? Get somma dat nationalized medicine.

    8) Bring us some jobs and investment and we'll be friendly as all get out.

    9) Our rednecks DID have teeth, till meth became all the rage . . .

    10) You da man!


    Blogger ZigZagMan said ... (5:45 PM) : 

    Bunny...As I can see you are completely in agreement with me, I'll overlook your "liking Jenny" comment..:)


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