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    Sunday, September 30, 2007

    Car vs. Raccoon

    So it's late at night / early in the morning...whatever, and I'm watching an episode of the Sopranos. Tony is driving and a raccoon is suddenly in the middle of the road.....Tony swerves, catches the embankment, flips his SUV.....mayhem ensues....

    5 seasons now I've been watching on DVD....I love Tony, I largely agree with Tony, I mean....but a raccoon??? WTF????'s a f*cking raccoon!!! I mean WTF??

    I realise I live in a very different world than many, and yes...some of you may even believe the "SUV" had it coming wahh wahh blah blah......but this is not how it would play out here.

    Now don't get me wrong....if one of gods critters is in the road, be it a squirrel, raccoon, possum, I'm going to slow down and really really try not to hit it if at all possible.......but roll my my no no

    Wife..."Zig OMG raccoon!!"

    Zig..."OMG!!! Thump Thump!

    Wife..."We probably need to get the alignment checked tommorrow."

    Zig..." what did ya think of the party??"

    True, it may seem cold hearted but car beats raccoon like rock beats the old days I'd have spilt my I am making progress......:)

    Take care goofs and friends!! :)

    Comments on "Car vs. Raccoon"


    Blogger Bunny said ... (1:52 PM) : 

    Yeah, I try to avoid them too, but you can't risk your own safety for something small. Elk in the road . . . maybe a different story!

    I tagged you . . . come by and see!


    Blogger crse said ... (7:46 AM) : 

    Again, its the seinfeld, WE HAD A DEAL!!! with the chipmunk. I have a deal with my dad never to swerve. Im more afraid of my dad than of killing any small animal.


    Blogger Aunt Jackie said ... (8:03 PM) : 

    You quit being heartless!!! :(

    btw: isn't it funny how my face looks over Bunny's boobs in the MyBlogLog box?? LOL


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