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    Saturday, February 03, 2007

    Texas mandates cervical cancer vaccine

    My father reads this blog now and again. Sometimes he acuses....well no....that harsh..sometimes he points out that my politics bleed out in my blog.

    I have to I get older, make more money, and pay more taxes, I do politics have been geting more conservative. But then we come to this shit that has people all up in arms....

    OK...conservative politics aside...........WTF are people thinking here? I fully appreciate your family values, respect the fact you are raising your children proper. I support your ability to mandate "rules in your house".

    As a father of a pre-teen daughter, and a post teen ex-step daughter.....I have an akward truth for all of you. Sooner or later, your daughter is probably.....very probably.......gonna start to f*ck. It's beyond most of your control, and the best you can hope for is you raised them best as you could.

    We could digress all day, when or who, or at what age, or environment, but why in the hell wouldn't you give every chance to avoid a disease that can kill her?

    If polio was an std..........would you deny her the vaccine?

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    Blogger Stealth said ... (12:08 AM) : 

    no..I would not...


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