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    Monday, January 29, 2007


    I have to admit, I'm a bears fan. I'm not huge football geek, or a sports geek for that matter, but I love it when Chicago has a team doing well. I wish I could just sit back and enjoy this. For the 1st time in years, Im excited about it.

    Nothing will take the fun out of an event, faster than the league's managment of said event.

    This week, in Chicago, the stadiums planned "charity" superbowl party was cancelled by the NFL. The event was to hold about 1000 people, watching the game on the really really big screen. It was to be a "pay to get in" event...ticket sales going largley to charity, and just a fun as hell party in a safe environment, in thier teams stadium as they play against the Colts in florida.

    Why would the NFL do this you may ask??? Well it seems a thousand people watching the game at a venue like this pollutes the ratings. Under NFL rules, pay or just a gtg, if you are watching the Big Game, if more than 5 people are watching the TV, you are having an "illeagle party". They can, if they want, prosecute you for said party, as an illeagle "rebroadcast".

    Under this rule, if followed, every bar, private club, retirement home, or private residence with more than 5 peeps, in Chicago, Indy, and anyplace else for that matter, must turn off the tv next sunday, or atleast change the channel. Thats how ya sell commercials boys......brilliant!!!

    Happy Superbowl everybody...............maybe I'll watch reruns of "Southpark" or something.

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    Blogger Suze said ... (8:48 AM) : 

    What! It sounds like Britain. lol


    Blogger Mrs.ZigZagMan said ... (10:54 AM) : 

    OOOOHHHH I so want to be bad...


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