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    Tuesday, December 05, 2006

    TMI Tuesday and life marches on.........

    Have I mentioned it's damn cold here now?? I mean HOLY SHIT!! I leave for a week and it goes from an balmy late fall 45-50f, and return to temps as nice as say...5-15! I swear there is a cosmic joke in all of this someplace. You crack me up Harry...really ya do..:) to TMI..:)

    1. Ever had your toes sucked on?
    Yes, I was wading in creek barefoot that apparently had lampreys. It was less than sexy.

    2. Ever had a hickey... sexy or trashy? Why?
    Yes...yes I have. I was a teen and thought it made me look studly. I was a teen. I wasn't very smart. nuff said......Oh...and there was that lamprey thing..

    3. Ever stolen from a store? If so, what?
    Guilty. When I was about 4, my mom took my to the local corner store. When nobody was looking I pocketed a candy bar. I was so clever I started eating it on the way home. Mom was less than amused. She drove me back to the store and I had to admit what I had done. That was a long long day.

    4. Ever got a speeding ticket? If so, how many?
    I've had a few. I think the last was 10 or so years ago. Insurance got very expensive at one point....:)

    5. Ever faked an orgasm?
    Again...Guilty yer honor! yes ladies...guys fake them too...:) I mean, lets be honest..even if the sex is really really good, at some point in the night, sleep looks good as well....:)

    Bonus (as in optional): What's the trick to being multiorgasmic?
    Biology aside, a high level of comfort both with your partner, and your own body...should that partner be a B O B, extra batteries......:)

    Happy TMI goofs and friends!!

    Comments on "TMI Tuesday and life marches on........."


    Blogger Sexy Duet said ... (8:26 AM) : 

    I had never heard of guys faking orgasms until reading the answers for this weeks TMI. I guess it would be hard for Mr SD to fake seeing that we dont use condoms, the lack of wetness would be too much of a giveaway.

    Happy TMI!

    Oh, and you have been tagged - details on our blog.

    Ms SD


    Blogger Mosaic10 said ... (7:05 PM) : 

    Multi-orgasmic....trick.... uhm actually first one is true, trick is for halloween. I WANNA BE TAGGED


    Blogger Stealth said ... (9:51 PM) : 

    hahahhahaa, I LOVE your number one answer :-)


    Blogger Suze said ... (7:52 AM) : 

    Ooh, you just reminded me how much I hate love bites (hickey's). Having to wear jumpers in warm weather just to comver them up.

    Im with Ms SD, I didn't realise that men faked orgasms either! :)


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