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    Tuesday, December 19, 2006

    Merry Christmas and happy TMI!!!! :)

    OK, so I haven't really been in the holiday mood much this month. Zig is a moody creature, and this is usually one of my 4 grumpy months anywho. Having said that, that doesn't mean I can't look you in the eye and say "Merry Christmas" and mean it heartfelt.......pity we've gotten so politically correct about all this.

    So anywho.....rather than rant and bitch and complain.......which I'm rather good at by the way, I'm going straight to TMI. I'm excited.....this should be a good one. The anticipation.....I can hardly wait...can you? Can ya? Can ya?


    1. Is it better to give or receive?
    It really depends. Once I recieved an ass whipping for no clear reason. That would have been better to give than recieve. Infact, it rather sucked balls, in a non loving less than consentual way. On the other hand, a loving spanking, gentle hand....can be good either way proper company......I digress

    2. What is the most sensitive part on a man/woman's body?
    Thier emotions, if they are still human. Past that, I'd have to say pinkie toe. I got kicked in the nuts once and it hurt like hell, but ever stub your pinkie toe??? OUCH!! (no disrespect to all my friends out there...who for some reason no longer have a pinkie toe).

    3. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you during sex? (Queefed? Family walked in? Couldn't get it up?)
    I fell off the bed, while attempting to impress her in a bold and daring move to climb on top and take control of the exciting moment. I hit my head on the wall and knocked over something of value..........there was beer involved.

    4. Do you like to talk dirty during sex? How dirty does it get? Example! ;)
    Sometimes dirty talk is exciting during sex, it can add to the mood. For example once in the shower, I remember moaning......."Oh but your the dirty one aren't ya??!! You dirty lil lil .........well I forget the rest...but thank gawd I was home alone and nobody else could hear. Beer may have also been involved.........

    5. What do you really want for Christmas? Vibrator? Spanking?
    11 millionty dollars would do quite nicely.........but perhaps world peace.......*snicker*.......*snicker*...........LOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOL...ROFLMAO!!!!!

    Man....I crack myself up sometimes

    Bonus (as in optional): How often do you masturbate?
    Often enough to know you wont go blind from it...........:)

    Merry Christmas goofs and friends.......and happy TMI

    Comments on "Merry Christmas and happy TMI!!!! :)"


    Blogger Sexy Duet said ... (5:39 AM) : 

    You always leave me smiling! Great answers.

    Ms SD


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