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    Sunday, October 01, 2006

    Another weekend passes....

    It was an eventful saturday! We managed to get our asses out of bed early enough to retrieve a matress for the the rain........rain likes matresses, me no likey rain much when matress strapped to top of jeep....mongo need fire now...grrrrr :)

    So we drag this matress in, fully convinced it will dry itself..we will see..get dressed, and hit the road. Tonight is Duke Tumatoe night!!

    We rarely get to play with friends, so it's a rare treat for us to indoctrinate new peeps to Duke. Our friends made it in about half hour before the show, many drinks, jokes, titty and ass referernces, and photos later....I was sitting with 3 drunk ass peeps.....:)

    We have photos of the lovely wife dancing with Duke, we apparently have photos of me with Duke, there are rumours of photos I dare not discuss.

    Perhaps this is why we rarely play with friends..........:)

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