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    Friday, July 07, 2006

    Manchild mows the yard........

    Yes it's true, the manchild mowed the front yard!!!!

    After a heated debate with the manchild that started simple as a friendly btw, tomorrow your mowing the lawn..and later blossomed into a long drawn out, life sucks, as can only be articulated by a hormonle 12 y/o, the yard got somebody other than myself.

    The debate went on for what seemed hours, MsZig had to leave for a walk so as not to chime in. It was actuall abit of a sword fight.

    Manchild, I don't even get an allowance!

    Zig, we tried allowance, you either didn't do chores required, or did them half assed.

    Manchild, I did so!

    Zig, yes you did......exactly as I said. (not sure he caught that jab)

    Manchild, At my moms, I have to mow the yard.....why here too?

    Zig, Because if you don't get your grades together, it's your best hope at a skill that pays...(OK....I didn't say it....but wanted too)

    Zig, because you have to chip in here also.

    It sort of got repetitive from there, and looped several times, There were thrusts, parries and blocks. At some point I actually said to don't get paid?

    Every day you share this house, you have running water, electricity, cable
    TV, internet, your gamestation, food and food just for you. If MsZig and I don't work, who pays that bill for us? He paused

    Then I cooked dead cow on the grill while the lovely wife prepared veges and such, also grilled. We ate, wife went to work, I tucked in the kids. Manchild gave me a hug, said g'nite, and even got an I love you out of it.

    The next day.......he mowed the yard.

    In hindsite, I look back to my grandfather and his style of parenting...

    Zig, but I'm only 12, why do I have to mow the yard.

    Grandpa, Because I said so.

    Zig, But I don't wanna....

    Grandpa, 1 last chance, I'm not kidding...

    Zig, But...

    Grandpa, *SMACK* think that backhand hurts? Go mow the damn yard!

    Grampa had it nailed man, and saved three hours of endless debate. And he still got an I love you when tucking me in, but I ended the phrase "Sir".

    Parenthood ain't for

    Comments on "Manchild mows the yard........"


    Blogger Suze said ... (10:25 AM) : 

    I got it worked out quite early on by asking for my pocket money in advance. LOL

    My whole childhood was spent a week to two weeks in advance of payment.


    Blogger ZigZagMan said ... (11:06 AM) : 

    LOL , yeah...the boy tries that also. We got wise to it pretty quick. His other ploy is to offer to do some task in exchange for some pocket cash, like doing the dishes or some such, which in itself is cool.......but then be offended when he's told no way in hell your getting 10 bucks for a 10-20 minute job....LOL


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