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    Monday, July 03, 2006

    4th of July, a lil early

    The lovely wife and I had a unique evening last night. We went out and had the opportunity to have a beer with a serviceman and some of his family.

    He was a young man, 20 something, home on leave and going back in about a week. What struck me was his attitude, happy to be home, proud of what he does, a no bullshit attitude about what may be his future.

    He had a really cool Zippo lighter too. No I did not liberate him of it....:)

    The night went on, and the beers flowed, and it was time for him and his family to leave. We shook his hand, and the hand of his friend that serves with him.

    Before he left...Wife and I both said to him and his friend, and today I say to all who serve.

    Thank you!!!!! Thank you and like you who serve. You and those like you, are why I can enjoy a beer with my wife and live the life I have. We are honored to shake your hand and enjoy a beer with you.

    Comments on "4th of July, a lil early"


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:12 PM) : 

    Nice Ziggy,
    Might not agree with the war, but, it's true it is because of the brave men, and women throughout the world who serve unselfishly that those of us in the free world have the liberities we do.


    Blogger Suze said ... (4:44 PM) : 

    My thoughts go out to all the brave men out there and their families who don't know if they will return.


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:03 PM) : 


    A very nice read! I wish more Canucks were proud of our men and women as you Americans are of yours...

    Happy 4th to all Americans!



    Blogger ZigZagMan said ... (10:52 PM) : 

    goofs aside........I soo wanted to pocket that lighter...............damn moral fibre..........:)


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