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    Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    Anonymous Posters

    It was bound to happen, the zig houshold got it's first hate mail post / comment. Now don't get me wrong, Zig has pretty thick skin and all, but it did cause me to ponder a couple things.....

    While I know my opinion are liable to anger some, chuckle others, and everything inbetween, if you disagree with me, why post it annonymously and post hateful.

    Anon posters to me fall in 3 catagories.......

    1) Friends or just curious onlookers not really into this blog thing to sign up and get a nick, but when the post, leave a nick or e-mail to say's me..or can respond to know who I am.........I respect that regardless the take of thier post.

    2) Anon peeps. They are like the 1, but tend to post down, and don't have the courage to back up thier post with any hint of a way to respond to them. They hide behind thier annonimity and post venom, usually to feel better about themselves it seems. "You suck" has so much more meaning if you are proud enough to back it up.

    3) And to me this is the worst, Anons that have a nick on here but post anon....because they are just damn pussies. If you are so damn proud of your careful hateful reply............why hide behind anon???

    With the exception of 1, I pretty much think anon's are pussies and your not welcome to post here. Visiters that fit 1 of the 3...and posters good or bad, with a nick, all posts welcome past spamming.

    You can read the post I refer to HERE

    Personally, I think I get to much credit that post, If I were truly singly handedly what was evil about the net......I'd be making way way more money........................:)

    If you proud enough to post an opinion, be proud enough to receive a response, or dont post. Your kind is really not welcome here.

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