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    Saturday, June 03, 2006

    Slippery Bob

    Yes yes,,,,,,,I know, been awhile since my last post. Got a life and with it....:)

    Yesterday, friend asked me...remember Slippery Bob?? I said well yeah, who could forget him.??

    Slip, well I don't know but think every town has one. He's the dirty old man that will buy used underwear for 5 dollars...fond of teen gals.......never would step in....but if they stepped to money. A jar of mustard and a 6 pack of undies, you had beer money after selling them to Bob.

    In fairness.........Bob was not always this way. Used to work for Whirlpool, had a wife, kids..lost them all in a tragic car accident. I don't know if he was in the car or not, but he was never the same after. Today, he's that creepy guy who pays to sniff used undies and such.

    So anywho, my friend says...........Bob has his own site now....on "myspace". I said oh your shitting me.....e-mail me that link.

    Check him out......:) seems "myspace" is worth something after all

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