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    Wednesday, July 05, 2006

    HNT this rarely admitted of camp photos

    OK, so I post this a tribute and peace offering to my Mum in Law for that last HNT. What you are witnessing here is White boys...attempting to dance. Hide Your EYES!!!!!!!!!! HIDE THEM FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!

    At some wee hour of the night, it is speculated the right tunes came on, some betting amongst men ensued, a fine rendition of wee lads having to pee really bad but no potty available acted out, set to music. All this while my Mum in Law had camera handy.

    While none of us included in this illicet photo truly remember the inspiraton for our "lets dance" enthusiasm, let alone the incident even happened till we recieved the photographic evidence.. We all agree it could not have been the copious amounts of adult beverages consumed at said camp, but we do now have this lovely trinkit. We are so proud.

    I proudly have this photo on display in my home office, neatly framed as you see. Said uncle and father in law, I don't think they display it with the same pride.

    I'm the guy wearing a hat..............:)

    Comments on "HNT this rarely admitted of camp photos"


    Blogger Suze said ... (6:21 AM) : 

    LMAO. Boys will be boys I suppose.

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)


    Blogger Miss Understood said ... (6:34 AM) : 

    Well, it looks like you had a great time! Happy HNT!


    Blogger ZigZagMan said ... (10:48 PM) : 

    while we were clearly having fun, none of us admit to remembering that..."moment".....lolaggkvh


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