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    Friday, April 25, 2008

    So I get a letter yesterday......

    ....and it's from "the friend of the court". I don't know about other states, but here in Michigan, this is the division of family court that lives and breathes enforcing "child support". Nobody likes them....whether you are writing the check..or getting the check...they are not your friend..

    Don't get me wrong friends...whether or not you and your other can stick it out, you take care of your kids. You take care of them emotionally and financially if you can...but at least financially. Your kid should have enough to be fed, clothed, and helped make help make it good. Letting the court decide how this should be done......does not ensure

    I used to work with a gal, her husband was in fairness a deadbeat dad for awhile. He finally got a good job and started paying support....she waited for months for the check. She'd call, friend of the court, they'd say no..we've seen nothing...we're about to issue a bench warrant. She'd call him, and he'd say bullshit...I just paid them $1000.00, they are taking it directly out of my payroll. Finally his case worker called her case worker, when he moved...they created a new case number, and a new account. He was paying, they were sitting on the money, he was getting legal credit for paying, and she wasn't getting the checks. He almost went to jail....

    So anywho.....back to the letter.......

    WTF??? I don't pay child support through the court. My ex and I agreed 10 years ago we would work out support between us and fuck the court. We've never been to court since the divorce was final. She couldn't possibly be petitioning??? Surely she would have warned me..

    With shaking hands I open the letter and read very slowly...the 4 (yes four) printed lines...on 2 sheets of paper...

    (page 1)
    Mr. Zig, under state law we are obligated to inform you that you are entitled to a review every 3 years.

    (page 2)
    Mr. Zig, if you would like a review, here is your case number. Feel free to call us.

    OH SHIT!!! Thats right....we waived child support because she was going to have to pay me. We WAIVED child support because we didn't want the court to pull a bullshit number like what they were going to stick to her.

    Two sheets of paper for 4 lines of ink, in an envelope...meter mailed to a divorced parent not in their system. No wonder my otherwise pleasant state is going bankrupt.


    Comments on "So I get a letter yesterday......"


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:47 AM) : 

    I have a friend who is still getting wages garnished and money sent to his son's mother although the son has not lived there or received support from the mom in 18 months and has been legal age since december. Gotta love domestic judicial systems....


    Blogger Bunny said ... (8:03 PM) : 

    I used to be the staff attorney for our local FOC (and before that for 4 other counties up north). Even if you aren't paying (or receiving) through the FOC, you still have a case number. That's in case the child starts receiving state aid they can go after the non-custodial parent or if the custodial parent decides that they would prefer the $ to go through FOC. You are lucky you and the ex are still okay with your choice. Most agreements to work outside the FOC don't last more than a couple years because someone effs it up. Good for you two!


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