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    Tuesday, December 18, 2007

    WTF news and reviews....

    It's an odd odd world we live in folks, and I don't just mean this seasons overblown presidential race. While alot of what I read gives me a chuckle, and an equal amount really pisses me off.....sometimes I stumble across little gems that make me just scratch my head and ask WTF??? Read if you care and ponder the absurdity with me.....:)

    Knife At Lunch Gets 10-Year-Old Girl Arrested At School.
    Seems a lass got arrested for bringing a knife to school, not to overthrow her wicked overlords....but to cut the steak she brought from home for lunch. I'm pretty confused by this one as the news tells me everyday that if your kids are in public school, you clearly cannot afford to feed your kids steak...

    Recently I had to tell my son that he couldn't take a venison steak to school for lunch, because I actually was afraid something this stupid might happen..when I was his age, you were a nerd if you didn't have a pocket knife.

    Outside Phoenix store, border debate rages on.
    OK, so a family store wants to keep day laborers off their store parking lot and solicit elsewhere. Immigration rights groups call this racist and insist they allow it, or atleast build a center for the day laborers to congregate. Meanwhile customers are scared by aggressive peeps offering services. BTW....the bigot in question hires a largely latino crew and caters to his nieghborhood......what a racist..:)

    Scientists Create Glow-In-The-Dark Cloned Cat.
    I have no words goofs and friends......just an honest..WTF??? I understand the possible medical breakthroughs, but nothing good will come from this..evil I tells ya!! I wonder when I can buy one?? :)

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