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    Thursday, December 20, 2007

    John Edwards "Love Child"....

    This is a rant, but not the rant you may well expect. I really could care less if John Edwards is the father of this child. I personally believe that it's not terribly uncommon that people screw around, and shock of shocks...sometimes people get pregnant....seems to me this has been going on for millenia.....

    No my rant is the term..."Love Child".

    I don't know, maybe it's the anti-hippie rebel part of my soul, the one constantly at war with my hippie inner self. Every time I hear this word...I bristle, I mean actually bristle. I realize it's a kinder term than BASTARD....but still..where is the middle ground on this shit?

    Whats wrong with "Like Child"? You know..well, we really liked eachother and the sex was good..but damn, now she's pregnant!!

    I'm still rather partial to "OOPS Baby". Because lets be honest, unless you're trying, whether it's good surprise or a bad surprise..that surprise is an oops!! :)

    To me, this is a term that should be reserved to a couple in "love", married or not, trying to conceive a child, for reasons they believe. Every other thing is just a wrong use damnit....

    I dunno, I don't want to get all preachy here, but pregnancies happen. We don't need to make cutsie names. If your suddenly an unexpected father, be a father to your kid, be the best you can. If your an unexpected mother, be a mother to your kid, best you can.

    I'm sticking with "Like Child"...and "OOPS Baby" this one.......

    happy thursday goofs and I have to work some more on my zombie shelter..:)

    Comments on "John Edwards "Love Child"...."


    Blogger Jay said ... (12:12 PM) : 

    How bout "lust child"?

    Or "back room quickie child"?


    Blogger Bunny said ... (4:25 PM) : 

    I'm with ya on this one, Zig. I always thought that "Love Child" was a misnomer. If they were "in love" they'd have raised the child together, don't you think? Oops Baby works for me (though I'll have to call mine Oops1 nd Oops2!). "Child of unmarried parents" sounds too politically correct. "Product of an extramarital fling" is too long. Yeah, I'll stick with Oops Baby.

    Is that what we'll call the latest Spears "miracle?" Shaking head You can take the girls out of the trailer, but you can't take the trailer out of the girls, I guess.


    Blogger ZigZagMan said ... (6:43 PM) : 

    Jay....I pondered "Lust Child"...I think it's a keeper!! :)

    Bunny.....Please...the only "miracle" in the spears that aren't more babies than there are!! :) Love the trailer park reference...we use that one here...:)


    Blogger Stealth said ... (6:27 PM) : 

    HEY YOU!!!! :D Happy Christmas to you and Mrs Zig!



    Blogger Aunt Jackie said ... (5:51 PM) : 

    You know, you have a great point here. I am inclined to agree!


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