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    Sunday, June 03, 2007

    Lazy sundays, and pc frustration.....

    Let me be the 1st to say......Linux may kick ass, and I'm all for geek love, but corrupt image files SUCK ASS!! :)

    For reasons only understood by me...and my inner geek, I had steeled myself to finally take the plunge. I was my friends.....going Linux! Granted I've tried this before, dipped my toes in the puddle......but damnit....I'm ready for the wading pool now!

    The Zig house is kinda a complicated place, rarely a time when there is fewer than 3-4 PC's running at once. Most have been migrated to Win/XP, because it mostly works,,,,and I'm a pussy, but for this endeavor, I chose my Win98se box.

    After tinkering with a few live cd's....I finally settled on Ubuntu. The cd booted and saw all my relevant hardware....self knackered the home network, I could surf the net, play music, view my digital pics......all was good......then I chose to install. (insert scary music here)

    Win98se box is a good box. We've been buddies for years now. She's got the hardware, she has the guts, she has all a good pc needs....except it seems, an affection for Ubuntu!! :)

    Several repartitions later......and reinstall of 98se, and then a couple more repartitions...I still have no native Linux on this machine.........I'm rather pissy about this.

    On a lighter note, the kids are still cleaning the living room........largely under duress, it's amazing what a combinatin of kindness....threats, and bribery will accomplish...:)

    Happy sunday goofs and friends!!

    Comments on "Lazy sundays, and pc frustration....."


    Blogger crse said ... (9:35 PM) : 

    I have no idea what you are saying regarding the computers? But i live for the day i can compel offspring cleaning!


    Anonymous Sextoys-Condoms said ... (5:08 AM) : 

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    Blogger Bunny said ... (11:14 AM) : 

    I've gone full Ubuntu myownself. I miss some of my windows programs (still have to do some things on Husband's Windows machine), but overall am happy with Ubuntu. Started out with the live CD and now have 7.04 installed. We're using the Edubuntu version because it's great for the six-yr-old.
    You must teach me this living room cleaning thing. I've heard rumors of such a thing, but never actually seen it in action.


    Blogger RockDog said ... (2:57 PM) : 

    Let me know how this goes. I've been wanting to try out Linux for a while, but too scared of change. :D


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:59 PM) : 

    Good luck with the linux my good sir. I have a friend of mine who smokes some funny stuff and gets stoned. She loves to clean while in this state of mind. So I let her come over, clean and scrub my entire living spaces down. Then she only lets me pay her with a snack followed by a meal and some beer. It works since I hate cleaning bathrooms and she's so cheery while she does it! Tehehe. Hope you're having a great day. :)


    Blogger ZigZagMan said ... (10:55 PM) : 

    Amorous...The wife and I need your friends number!!! :)


    Blogger Suze said ... (5:02 PM) : 

    But you just have to love that penguin. lol


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