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    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    Motorcycle memories..........

    I was reading my friend Aunt Jackie's page today and it spurred some memories that chuckled me.....

    That image to your left is damn near a dead ringer for my old bike, a Kawasaki 750LTD. Rice burner you say?? Fuck you!!...Fonsi bike you say?? Perhaps...but again Fuck you! :)

    While it's true that Harley may be one of the sexiest names in Bikedom, this puppy was no slouch in any sense of the word, I'd have put her up against almost anything on the road when she was in tune...:)

    Having said this.....she was not entirely without it's problems. I was little to short for this beast to be honest. I could mount her and get her upright just fine, but always struggled getting my foot down at a dead stop without leaning too far. This coupled with the fact that she was a heavy bike......well you can imagine just how cool I looked at times...:)

    One summer day I was cruising and knew a gal I used to go to high school with was working at this gas station down the road. I stopped to get some gas and say howdy...ok, I stopped because she had huge boobs and wanted to flirt....and I needed gas....I digress..

    Anywho...I come to a stop, drop my leg in time and get her upright where I need.....pretty proud I pop open the gas tank and dismount....(you can see where this going perhaps?). I feel the wieght before I hear the an attendant runs out an helps pull the bike off me.

    *Mental note, always put the kickstand down BEFORE leaving the bike......

    I paid for my gas and left without flirting..................

    I was driving down country roads one day..just joy riding and clearing my mind. I don't know if any of you have noticed this, but there is this neat thing in the late spring when you are on 2 wheels at decent speed...the sound of tree frogs. When you are cruising, you are moving into the noise, and it's more intense....slow down, it backs off....I used to find it soothing......until...

    So I'm enjoying the country roads and open it through a swarm of bees. I was through them before I really understood what the hell happened, but all good right? I've a full face visor on.....didn't loose an eye....still doing 60.....whats that burning in my arm??

    Yes friends.....face visor Zig was wearing a Tshirt and now had made ass to arm friends with a bee...who was desperatly trying to escape my forearm but could only flap in the wind. My first instinct at this moment is to chuckle...then notice the red dot around the stinger...

    10 miles from home I keep glancing at my arm as the bee tries desperately to dislodge itself from my arm with or without it's stinger....which now no longer has a red dot around it...but a largish white welt surounding the red dot...

    Every mile or so I look arm is starting to tingle....My arm looks tanner than before...and slightly bigger in general....bee still attatched. When I made it home, I was happy to be alive, and the bee was happy to die....fate is cruel at times I

    A year or so later and with much sadness I mothballed her after the birth of my son. It seemed somewhat reasonable that I atleast try to stay alive till he got out of school. A few years later, I broke down and sold an unworthy fucker....I regret that sale to this day.

    ***Lets raise a glass to her shall we? I still miss her...:)

    Comments on "Motorcycle memories.........."


    Blogger Bunny said ... (7:38 AM) : 

    A lovely tribute to your bike. Hubby still has his Kawasaki. I don't mind it now that gas prices are so high. Gets way better mileage that his POS car! He wears his leather even in hot weather, though, for just the type of situations you describe.


    Blogger Mert said ... (12:14 PM) : 

    The gas station story is classic! I bet you were the one that felt like a big boob ;)

    My step dad loved to tell us stories, and he always told really elaborate and funny ones. We asked why he had this huge scar on his right thigh... it looked like someone had taken a chunk out of his leg and it was about twice the size of a match book.

    He told us when he was a kid that he knew he wasn't allowed to play with matches, but had stolen some of his dad's. One of his dads good friends was walking in town and saw him with the matches and dad quickly stuffed them in his pocket and started running down the hill back to his house. He managed to trip and fall face first down the hill and the friction of him sliding down the hill made the matches catch fire and it burned him really bad.

    We were nervous about his story being related to the evils of playing with matches, but we were totally enthralled by his story and were in aew that dad had managed to do something painful but soooo coll!

    Later our mother spoiled the fun and told us what had really happened... he had gotten on his dad's (or his uncle's) hog without his permission after a long ride. He laid it down by accident and got caught under a part that was really hot.

    I still prefer the other story. ;)


    Blogger Amorous Rocker said ... (5:03 AM) : 

    Aww. Those were some fun and interesting memories you have. I love love bikes. I have a friend that builds bikes. He keeps telling me whenever I get married, my wedding present from him will be a custom done bike. I threatened once I'd get married just to get the bike, lol. He said I had to actually stay married and want to marry the person for it to count so damn, lol. Anyway... all I really meant to say was:

    I enjoyed reading this, it was a lovely tribute to your old bike. :)


    Blogger ZigZagMan said ... (5:35 AM) : 

    Bunny...yes, always a good idea...:)

    Mert...Tell me about it, all my family is full of "colourful stories..:) And yes..I did fell feel the boob that one...actually total ass was more acurate..:)

    Amorous Rocker...Marry for love lass...plenty of time for bikes after, but sounds like you'll get a kick ass bike either way!! :) We get invited to the wedding yes?? :)


    Blogger Aunt Jackie said ... (4:12 PM) : 

    How on Earth Did I miss this?? :(

    Great story... I love motorcycles so much!


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