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    Monday, March 26, 2007

    Wisdom from a sock puppet........

    Sometimes I get a little down on myself and think back.....what would Argyle say?? Granted this didn't always work well as he'd burp and say pass me another beer ya pastey wierdo!! But he had some nuggets of gold now and then.

    There was this one time we were sitting on the back deck, sipping beer and enjoying the summer breeze. I was bitching about work...and the ex....and life in general, he actually said something profound.

    Zig he he took a long draw on his swisher sweet, fight the battles you think you can win, avoid the ones you know you can't, and regardless if you loose......loose with honor.

    We cracked a beer and toasted his wisdom when he chimed in........and after you loose, go to the bar and brag how you won............because in's all just perspective............then he stole the keys to my truck.

    1999-2000 RIP I miss ya stinkass!!!!