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    Sunday, March 25, 2007

    kinda Lazy Sunday............

    OK maybe not so lazy.....but kinda. I actually got to sleep in till about 9am, and get ready for my appointment. I had a customer that was having software issues on a station I had upgraded, possible my upgrade was part of the problem, unlikely.....but I was the last one to work on it. Basic policy in the Zig house......if it's my bad, it's warranty work.....if it's your bad, you'll pay for my return visit...:)

    I very rarely do warranty work....but I do like having happy customers. :)

    The software issue was pretty easy to fix, tossed in some anti-virus software and goodies for my time, got paid for my time...all good........until the phone rang later.

    Happy customer calls back, this time about his sons computer (which I've never worked on) and was hoping I was still in town. They had set it up for him, surfed websites for "free games", and it doesn't work proper. We talked about what had happened, and determined that that pop-up ad that LOOKS JUST LIKE A WINDOWS ERROR MESSAGE and said his registry needs to be cleaned here.......was clicked.

    I for one hate pop-ups, I hate pop-unders, but for the most part, I can handle them. I personally think though, that pop-ups that present themselves as windows dialouge boxes with a scary message.....should be f*cking criminal!! Some of them are convincing enough to have gotten me to click on them. I mean, I'm no yoda in the basement or anything.....but I do consider myself one of the brighter graduates to walk off the short bus......I digress.

    Message to the writers of this crap.........hey asshole! An angry customer is not likely to buy your crap, or your crappy uninstaller that they need now that you hijaked their pc. You do however provide me with work, and I can spread the message that you are indeed an asshole as I get paid.

    My best advice to this customer, back it up if anything of value. Run the restore discs and start from have my number if you need help.........and yep, that person that served you that an asshole...:)

    Take care goofs and friends........;)

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    Blogger Suze said ... (3:19 PM) : 

    You are quite right but as you said they do keep you in work. :)


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