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    Monday, February 19, 2007

    Ghost writer entry...........

    I've posted a couple times about our friend who tours with some bands. He was amused enough to offer to contibute to the blog. If he's game, I may get him to do this semi regular..:)

    OK....maybe he wasn't amused.......maybe it was the text message I sent calling him a fucktard sissypants........which I quickly followed up with a text message....saying "I love you man...but not in a gay way".

    He quickly replied...."I love you 2..but in a gay way" which I replied..."2 is spelled two, ya lazy bastard". I hate that shit........type it out!! I digress............................

    Stories from the road........:)

    okay so here is the ultimate in airport fun. Since we spend approximately 50% of our lives in an airport we have to concoct things to minimize the chaos and mundane crap. First we go and get the biggest maxi pads we can......the MAXI maxi pads. We get some ketchup and squirt it on to make it look used. We have even gone so far as to prick our fingers to get blood when we couldnt find ketchup packets. then we discreetly stick it to one of our crew guys backs. We were in O'hare recently and Rob (our guitar tech) walked the entire airport with one stuck to his back. Everyone had a reaction. Some people were laughing their asses off.......some where horrified. Finally an old woman went up to him and said "son you have a used feminie napkin stuck to your back" Funny as hell! I cant walk through and airport without constantly touching my back or checking my carryon. At the beginning of one of my tours the guys stuck one of those magnetic strips ( the undeactivated ones) in my shoe under the sole. I went a whole tour (approximately 3 months) with it in. Every time we went to a mall i would set off the shoplifting alarms. i couldnt figure it out. Finally an airport security person found it with one of their wands. Fucked up thing was that it was my idea and the bastards did it to me.

    Take care goofs and friends....:)

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    Blogger Suze said ... (3:25 PM) : 

    You guys have some right fun! :)


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