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    Monday, October 09, 2006

    Monday night gripe, not really a rant..................

    I don't know about you goofs, but I have, for many years, enjoyed online chat via IRC. I've IRC'd since mIRC was a 16 bit app on win3.1, if that helps ya time wise.

    Irc has changed over the years, like anything else. Thats all ok, cool with that. It's been really neat for me to watch apps like ICQ and other IM's, java evolve, based atleast partially on the good ole dog IRC.

    The one thing that has not changed, on IRC, or any other moderated "chat format" is bad ops. Nothing..and I mean Nothing!! kills the mood of a room, more than ops that kick for fun, just because they can. The close second, kicked for breaking a rule never that was never brought to your attention beforehand.

    If you op a room, and don't have the balls to say...umm....we have rules, your breaking one...stop...before a kick or ban, thats fucking rude. If you op in a room, and you're kicking friends because the power is fun, piss off, thats not fun or funny.

    My best analogy is walking into a strange bar, and scoping out the rules, sipping your beer, and the bartenders get into a fight. You size up the crowd, but if the bouncer is tossing with the money on the bar and taxi or foot time. beer not finished. Lots of other bars out there.......

    Comments on "Monday night gripe, not really a rant.................."


    Blogger Suze said ... (6:12 AM) : 

    Zig, I have to confess I don’t have a clue what you are talking about. :D I use IM but have never heard of IRC.


    Anonymous Bubba said ... (2:32 PM) : 

    We've both seen it hoss. And I agree with you in principle. But I would go you one better. I have a much larger problem with OPs who won't kick someone because it might harm someone's poor delicate lil feelings. Hoss, you know as well as I that many channels have died a slow long lingering painful death because little by little the minions have pushed the limits and pushed the limits until behavior that would have been a lifetime ban 6 months ago is now the channel norm.

    All channels have themes. Be that theme flirting, singles, startrek, Linux or whatever.... Yet when OPs allow the discussion to wander off said theme over and over and over again, they simply are not doing their jobs. If I wanted to listen to whining about about abusive, prescription drug using, drunk, short bus riding ex boyfriends and how the person doesn't want them back in their lives... but lets them back in over and over and over... well I am sure there is a channel just for that. I dunno.. maybe /#I'maDumb@$$ And if that is the kind of issue I might need to talk about, I would go to that channel to have that conversation. It doesn't have a place in /#IlovePuppies.

    Even once or twice isn't that big a deal. But when you can set your watch by how long it will be after some users join the channel before those discussions start, the OPs HAVE to take control back of the channel. I don't really CARE that said offender doesn't have any other friends they can talk to. I came into the channel to talk on subjects relating to that channel and it's theme. And the rest of us should not have to be subjected to the constant whining and complaining over the same problem time and time again.

    I'll get off my soapbox now. Because if I don't I'm sure my next rant will be over people that flood the channel whining about getting private messages they don't want.

    Why do I use irc again?????


    Blogger ZigZagMan said ... (6:37 PM) : 

    Damn Bubba, been waiting to get off your chest awhile I see!!

    I happen to agree with you btw....:)


    Anonymous Bubba said ... (9:20 AM) : 

    LOL... Well.. you have a blog.. I don't. ;) So I borrowed yours for a lil rant of my own. That's what friends do right? Borrow stuff. At least this isn't one of those "Dude.. are you ever gonna return my hedge clippers you borrowed?" kind of things... :D

    Now if you REALLLY wanna see me turn a rant loose... We can always talk about people who can't distinguish IRC from Real Life! Or how about "Falling totaly hopelessly in love with someone on-line they have never met in person?"

    But.. I wasn't gonna get back up on that soapbox again..... lol

    Here's to better Wednesdays. Tipping a Shiner Bock your way....



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