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    Thursday, October 05, 2006

    Anniversary HNT

    So another anniverary has come and gone, it hardly feels like 4 years most days since the Lovely wife and I said "I do". Some days it feels like forever, and usually in a good way..:) Sweetheart.....put the gun down, I said a "good way"..:)

    Today was kind uneventful as far as these things go, I had to go to work before she got home, she had to go to work shortly after I got home. Such is the life of a couple working different shifts, but ehh, we knew that going into this life together..:)

    We did have time to exchange cards and a quick kiss,a quick "I love you". That will have to do for now. Our plans are for the weekend, a wedding on saturday, friend of hers from work I've never met. To me, this is a special treat as I get to harass and be an ass infront of completely new people!! :) I reflect back on our wedding day, I'm feeling nostalgic. The pic below is my then new uncle exposing himself to his new I may well find myself this saturday....:)

    Happy HNT goofs and friends!!!

    Comments on "Anniversary HNT"


    Blogger Spitfire said ... (11:54 AM) : 

    zig you two are so sweet, I love this hnt!!



    Blogger Suze said ... (1:36 PM) : 

    Congratulations on your fourth anniversary. I hope you both have a wonderful time this weekend and spend some *quality time* with each other.

    And a happy HNT!


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