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    Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    Dogs of war.........

    Ok.....lil grumpy today. A really good friend of mine and I have very differing opinions the curent campaingn in the middle east. This I respect, and is OK. I no more expect to convert her to my views than I expect to convert to her view of it.

    What irks me, is that by supporting what we are fighting for, and why we really are fighting, brands me in her eye's as somehow..."anti muslim". My support of the troops, faced with limited choices of bad or really bad, is contibuting to world disrespect our troops. I seriously disagree both these points.

    For those of you who think, and to some small degree rightly so, we are only in it for the oil....I pose a few small questions...

    1) Saudi Arabia is the country of origin, most of the terrorist who carried out Septemper 11. Not one bomb dropped on them, nor did we take them over.

    2) While it's true, we purchase a ton of oil from Arab countries, unless they took a swipe at us, we've mostly just sent them billions of dollars......for oil.

    3) Once China becomes the biggest net exporter of oil from the Arab states, how do you imagine it's military would respond to a sept 11 on it's land?

    Comments on "Dogs of war........."


    Blogger Mosaic10 said ... (11:50 PM) : 

    Well being the good friend who's view Zig's can't change, although he has somwhat, or perhaps I've clarified my stance better. I must state that I don't totally disagree with his view points. I also can not abide anyone no matter their colour, religion, or creed, political views or what have you telling me how I should spend my time as long as it infringes on no one else's, and as for terrorists... they come in all shapes, from everywhere, their not just Arabs, their Caucascians, Orientals,Blacks, Hispanics. And I whole-heartedly agree with Zig's that the world would be a much better place if they were all contained on another planet.
    I'll never get Zig's to my side of the fence, and he'll never get me to his but, the top of the fence has a spectacular view for both of us, and I know we will hash this one out for years to come, and that's what good friends do.

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