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    Friday, September 15, 2006

    Tales from the parking lot....and my 1st "Da Count"

    Ok, so this is my 1st "DA Count" post, man you really have to type that careful to avoid an embarassing typo....:)

    It's friday and the work day is done, the daily weekday ritual of bullshiting is well under way.

    Me: Yeah...I think I hurt his feeings...

    Friend: Well he did get all mopey after yu said what you said..

    Me: Well started it damnit, punk shot his mouth off.

    Friend: Man, you were fine, we all agreed with you.

    Me: Well perhaps I could have worded it different than "sitting on your fat ass and pretending to file"


    Cell phone in hand..hrrmm, it's the manchild....there are other kids in the backround.

    "dad! Can I stay over at a friends house if it's ok with his parents?"

    "I guess it's ok with me if it's ok with them"

    "Hang on, I'll ask................It's ok with them, so I can?"

    "Yep, call me and let me know when to pick ya up tomorrow.......Love You"


    "I Love You.."

    " you too. *click*"

    Friend: You made him say I love you infront of his buddies?? LOLOL

    Me: Yep, that'll teach him for not doing the dishes like he was supposed to last night!

    I'm lucky that I have a 12 year old son that still thinks I'm pretty cool. And he's not so creeped out this world, that he can say "I love you" to his dad, even when his buddies are in earshot....:)

    Comments on "Tales from the parking lot....and my 1st "Da Count""


    Blogger lecram sinun said ... (7:59 PM) : 

    Now that's a really nice count. Amazing you got him to do that at 12. Cheers!


    Blogger lime said ... (10:08 PM) : 

    that is very cool! you've obviously done something right!


    Blogger Alex said ... (3:40 PM) : 

    And even more importantly you know how to embarass him in front of his friends. Only kidding. Nice one Zig, like Lime says, you're doing something right :)


    Anonymous miss understood said ... (5:54 AM) : 

    Woohoo! I'm back!
    Thanks for your supportive words during my absence :)
    Ok, off to catch up here and with Mrs Zig. Cant wait to see what you guys have been getting up to. x


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